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Why sometimes I don’t believe in horoscopes.

astrologyWhile on a bus ride going to work today, I was so disappointed not finding the pair of earphones that are usually just bundled up at the side pocket of my bag. Anxiety attacked me on the first five minutes because I’m usually irritated not doing my usual routine of listening to Mika during my ride to work. Nonetheless, I made use of my time to hear the news for a more productive morning. “Current events are a good conversation starters right?” I told myself. After 10 minutes of watching grueling news on how there were massive shootings and robbery on the other side of the land, I was thrilled to be segue-d into the commercial breaks. As it turns out, the commercial breaks are much, much more depressing. As the news flashed back to the screen again, there was a more upbeat tune and the ecstatic newscasters are informing everyone that on this day the moon will be the first full moon of the year. To me, it sounds like any normal full moon day, but to some traditionalists, they believe that it will bring luck to their businesses as well as their life. They even invited this old lady together with her piece of paper to tell us how much luck is going in this year and the scientific proof of it. Now, I tried to give my full attention to this old lady, she is an astrologer after all. I wondered what will the year of the wooden Horse give a girl who was born on the year of the water monkey? She didn’t specifically say a specific horoscope on which will have full blown luck, but what got my attention even more is when she told the whole nation that this year, “Single ladies who are looking for their soul mates, will find their partner this year.” She said in full confidence that no matter what age you are as long as you are finding love, this is your year. On the outside I was donning my usual bitchface, but on the inside, I was telling myself, “Either that is utter bull shit, or she may be right. I may find Mr. Right this year. Oh shit, today is my year to fall in love. Again. Whoopeee!” And the last three sentences were sarcastic, mind you.

Now, I was born on the 31st of December in the year 1992, at around 10:36 pm, in Quezon City, Manila. This means that I am a Capricorn and I have Venus, Mercury, Pluto, the Sun, and new moon ruling my personality, vitality and internal drive for this year. My astrology says that I am well-driven, success-hungry goat who will not stop at anything to get the success that I want. I know this because I am an astrology buff. I think it was during the fifth grade when I first heard the term zodiac signs, horoscopes and chinese astrology when it was introduced to me by my set of friends. It didn’t take long until I was eager to get a glimpse on what the day has to offer me in that small newspaper clipping right below the entertainment section of the daily newspaper.

I didn’t really believe on that whole shebang though. I’ve always believed that no one can tell your future especially not based on the stars. It’s like were going back to Greek mythology and were donning some Hercules stuff. Why? I think that some astrological predictions are not really super precise. Like, “Today, your crush will eventually tell you how he feels about you. He’s gonna tell you how he actually likes you too.” You’ll never be able to read that, but who want’s to spoil a good future? Horoscopes are pretty vague that’s why I hate it, but it can also act as my security blanket for retracting myself from bad omen.

Astrology isn’t really a bad thing because it is your free trip to a psychic and a psychologist. Now thanks to the internet, you can read your natal chart done and read your personalized horoscope for free. Now, for that old lady’s prediction, I still have 10 months to go. If ever that ‘soul mate’ comes along, I’ll let you know. For now, I still prefer having my earphones and revolve on the world I’ve built around my imagination.