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Five Favorites : January 2013

So January has quickly passed by and we are now down to just 11 months before 2014 kicks in. I’ve recently want to publish a few of my favorites of the month. I know it’s a bit late for a January Favorite Post but I think it’s never too late to post these few quirks of mine that I’ve been loving this month of January and hopefully you’ll love them as well.

1. Benefit That Gal Brightening Primer – You can never go wrong with Benefit! My generous uncle has previously given me a sample size of Benefit That Gal Primer that is included within the Confessions of a Conceal-a-holic Kit. And this is by far my most favorite primer of all time. By rolling the screw from the bottom part of the bottle it will squirt out an ample amount of the primer where you will rub it in your fingers and dab to your face. What you will get is an instant brightening of the face. You can either use it with or without makeup/foundation. I love how sweet it smells when you get it out of the bottle, and how as you dab it on to your face, your face will instantly lit up because it gives a very sheer glow.


2. Nivea Creme Moisturizer – I’ve recently purchased this without my mom’s consent. She said that it would make my skin more oily but it has proven otherwise! This product has been around decades ago, probably when my grandma was born and it is amazing on the skin especially if you have normal to dry skin like I do! It leaves your skin moisturized, soft and supple like a new-born baby’s skin. I’ve also noticed how fast it can make my pimples dry up and it never leaves any blemishes after a couple of days!


3. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green – Utter Perfection (You can read my rave reviews about this book here.)


4. RadioLab Podcast – I give it up to Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich for creating this program and keeping me company during sleepless nights when my thesis happened. Their radio podcast are very entertaining as they mix and match science and the art of storytelling through audio effects. With just a couple of episodes per day, you can actually learn something new about the world we live in and they make it as relatable as possible. From Genghis Khan to the art of Deception, who says science needs to be boring when you have these two! RadioLab is a free podcast that you can download at the iTunes store. You can also check out cool yet informative articles about their show and their guests here.


5. Mango Tweed Blazer – January has become one of the coldest seasons here in the Philippines for 2013. So whenever cuddle weather is on, this blazer is my go-to-jacket. I got this on sale from Mango for 1,400 pesos (it was about 20% off?) and it reminded me so much of Chanel’s signature black jacket. Anything that reminds me of Chanel, I quickly grab it and this one is no exception! With its tweed clothing material plus the gold chains that wraps along the lining, this can quickly glam up any outfit from just t-shirt and jeans and some tank top and shorts. Kudos to Mango for this, I’m loving you more than ever! You guys should also check out their cool blog about fashion week as well as cool parties to attend via their blog “Keep The Beat”.¬† And have you guys heard? Miranda Kerr is the new face of Mango! <3 <3 <3 I totally agree with them in having Miranda as their New It Girl! She defines all that it is to being a Mango Girl! Not that I love Kate Moss, ScarJo and the Cruz Sisters, but there is something cool and eclectic about Miranda that makes her unique! :) More power to Mango!

You can see me rocking this blazer a month ago via my twitter:


Here are some more ideas for this jacket that I scoured over the net:

Mango Tweed 01 BLOG Deep
Photo from Death By Platforms
From the Mango Fall/Winter 2012 Collection with Kate Moss as the Mango It Girl

So that’s basically my five favorites for the month of January! :) I can’t wait to post more as I am done with thesis. Hopefully I can update this more often that I used to.

Whoops by the way for those of you who are asking whatever happened to me and my thesis, I passed my Thesis Defense and was awarded Best Thesis for the Non-Traditional Advertising Campaign. So WOOT for that :) I’m practically over the moon and on the cloud nine after hearing that. I’m still enjoying my quick break before school comes back again.

Til next time


Book Review: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings.” – Julius Ceasar, Shakespeare

I am a certified bookworm. My love for books (and fiction) started when I was about four to five years of age when my grandma used to teach me with books she borrowed from our province’s school bookstore. I recalled how it has a “COMPLIMENTARY COPY ONLY” stamped all over the sides of each book, but I’d gladly read it anyway in order to expand my vocabulary and at the same time use my imagination. Sadly, I cannot be granted those complimentary copies anymore as I have already grown up and 5-year old books are too childish for my taste. But I still carry my love for books even up to now.

My favorite books or collection of short stories were always written by my favorite authors, Edgar Allan Poe and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes is by far my favorite fictional character (and its not just because Robert Downey Jr. played him on Guy Ritchie’s version). I believe Edgar Allan Poe and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle possess genius literary skills of mixing mystery and darkness together with a deep sense of brilliance in each of the characters presented in their books. Their language is proficient and much more, their stories have depth. I am in love with literary products that possess such feeling. And that feeling is when you cannot put the book down even if you read it over and over, you will never get tired of it.

Photo from Amazon.com

Recently, Izza, a dear friend of mine chatted me on Facebook and asked if I have read “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green. I have seen the book but I didn’t mind reading what it was about, but I do remember the blue paperback version in Fully Booked. Izza suggested that I should read it, if ever I got the time after thesis. Being an impulse buyer, I did get the book a week later after our conversation and started reading it three days later. I admittedly finished the book in one and a half week, and I was a tad bit slow because I wanted to give more time for my thesis defense. If given the proper amount of time, I could have finished the book in a couple of days without stopping but more things are needed to be prioritized. Thesis is by far one of the most important.

After reading the book, I couldn’t agree more with my friend as well as the rage reviews that are plastered all over the cover of the book. John Green mixed humor with a hint of devastating sadness that feels just as the same as having your heart broken for the first time. He built characters that are lovable but sometimes you can’t help but pity them. Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace are the main protagonists in the book, they are both captivating, strong-willed and even as a fictional character has a hint of being as human as possible. I couldn’t describe how much I would have wanted to be their friend if ever they have existed in real life. Their characters and personalities are made out of pure honesty and modesty as they try to conquer their battle with one of the most dreadful diseases as of today, which is cancer.

Photo from Etsy

John Green ended the book by having Augustus Waters die of cancer after being cancer-free for a while after he lost one of his leg. I could have wished that he didn’t die because he proved to be more than just a boy having cancer but a man who would fight for the sake of enjoying more time to spend with the love of his life, Hazel Grace. And Hazel is just as strong as Augustus, and I believe even more.

Had I want to change the ending if ever I had the chance? Well yes. But then, it would have been like any fictional book that I pass by on the bookstore and it wouldn’t have ended in my bookshelf two weeks ago. Hats off to John Green for writing such magnificent story line on how it is to really live and the magical thing we call love. John Green has captured my attention in the literary world and I can’t wait for his books that are yet to come.

And to conclude, The Fault In Our Stars is the perfect combination of wit and tragedy. It is in itself perfect as much as how all the characters written inside it are perfect. John Green presented a character that has a larger-than-life personality that I would have wished I had. I do, I really really do.

I will give it a 4 out of 5 stars. So, what are the books that you’ve read recently? Give me a heads up on what to read!