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Our Relationship with “Her”

Admit it or not, we all have different kinds of relationships. Whether its with your family, your friends, or your significant other, relationships are labeled as one of those most intimate things you can count on whenever and wherever you may be. No man is an island as they say. And I personally think that relationships are the real treasures in life.

“But who is “her”?” You may now be asking. And no, I’m not talking about a real person.  I am talking about your relationship with your phone (her), with your laptop (her), with your PC (her), or with that Play Station (definitely her) your brother may be holding at this very moment. In this day and age of digital technology, we, as a collective human being, are having so called relationships with technology per se. And we don’t even notice it. Human beings are being regarded together – or the term apropos would be the more appropriate term -with their computers, laptops, cellular phones, etc – technology in general. And its difficult to admit that this certain kind of relationship is not stopping at any moment and at whichever pace. It is an ongoing metamorphosis, and maybe even a part of survival.

Here’s a piece of video I found on YouTube to prove my point:

I can recall that during my younger years, I am 21 now after all. That not having a certain type of technology led me to believe that I am inferior to the other who is lucky enough to have the latest gadgets and what-have-yous. That drive to put this “latest” technology in my life is in fact becoming more of a need than it is a want. And reflecting on it now, I can honestly say that it is not healthy, especially when I was that young. I’m having a sense of “materialism” as if it is going to lead me to happiness when I was young. And that level of happiness never did give me any satisfaction in life.

The world of technology is not going to stop any time soon. Of course, I still dream that one day, we’ll have our own hover boards and ordering certain robots to do a certain task for us. And of course, I’m dreading the day that robots will revolt against us – a la Terminator 1, 2, and 3. It is also true nowadays that technology nowadays are now getting more and more smarter than us humans. And it will keep on increasing as long as engineers keep on inputting these so called “knowledge” in their motherboards. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll achieve world peace through mounds of computer generated artificial intelligence? Maybe so.

But thinking about it, wouldn’t it be sad that someday that the human being will no longer be useful? I mean, right now we are already resorting to digital versions of the human emotion through our various selfies, or our emojis and emoticons through text. What more in the future? Sad to admit it but, someday, maybe, that the human being will just be a slow, unintelligent component of this world and we can no longer do anything about it. Maybe someday the smartphone will eventually be called a genius and it is no longer pertaining to the maker.

ANYWAYS, if you haven’t seen my tweet (@iamcaragarcia) yet, then you have no idea what I’m reflecting on. Here’s something that my friend and I were talking about:

We’re talking about the much buzzed film, “Her” by Spike Jonze featuring Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, Amy Adams and Scarlett Johansson as “her” or in this film is called, Samantha.

Here’s the movie clip trailer:

I couldn’t come up with a much more endearing summary of this movie, since I haven’t watched it yet. But let me quote James Franco for this:

“Spike Jonze’s Her is a story about the death of human love masked as a love story between a man, Theo (Joaquin Phoenix), and his sexy artificially intelligent operating system, Samantha (Scarlett Johansson’s voice). Theo works as a professional surrogate letter-writer, a profession that’s equal parts emotional detective, jaded but secretly hopeful voyeur, and empathetic poet. His specialty is the intimate love letter, so his letters give voice to the feelings for the couples that hire him. This service, one set in an unnamed metropolis in the near future (and was shot both in Los Angeles and Shanghai to give the grey and pastel Google-age sheen to the exteriors) provides a parallel for Theo’s eventual relationship with his OS, an ethereal and exponentially hyper-intelligent lover who says everything he wants to hear, just like Theo’s letters do for his clients. The central questions of the film are existential: What does it mean to be human? How do we define emotions? Can something digital, and programmed, have a personality? How valuable are our bodies in the dawning age of total digital immersion?

– Excerpt from The Vice

Now I don’t know if this particular movie will be showing in Manila anytime soon. But if ever, can someone please update me. I’m super stoked for “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” though.


Picture 1

Beauty Talk: “What’s In My Make-Up Bag?”

I believe that there are two sacred things a man must not look into in a woman’s things: a. underwear cabinet and b. makeup bag. Underwear cabinets are pretty self-explanatory since it ruins the sole meaning of “private space”. The make-up bag is another, well for the record what’s the use of looking at this part of the bag anyways? When you ask them to purchase you a concealer, a man has no clue what it is or even what it is for.

But I believe in that every woman should never walk out that door looking as if she just woke up in her bed and didn’t even had the guts to fix herself in the mirror. As Coco Chanel puts it, “I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little – if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that’s the day she has a date with destiny. And it’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.” 

So for your enjoyment, I would like to share to you a couple of things I always bring to fix and spruce myself up to get me through the day! :)


The contents of my make up bag are as follows: Porefessional, Powder Pop, Lip Gloss, They’re Real! Mascara, Laugh with Me Lee Lee Eau de Toilette : Benefit | Baby Lips Lip Balm : Maybelline | Concealer : E.L.F.


I recently purchased this cute make-up bag from Saizen for only Php 88.00. It holds most of my stuff and can fit my bag perfectly. The black cloth makes it look sleek as well as it does not easily get as much dirty unlike my old make-up bags. A tip whenever you would want to buy a make-up bag, try choosing colors that are dark such as black and blue. Another tip is to buy those plastic transparent ones for you to easily find your stuff from the outside. I prefer choosing a black make-up bag just because whenever my blush explodes from the inside it doesn’t look that dirty. Plus its okay to carry around cause people can’t see what’s inside your bag. :)


I’ve had this Benefit Powder Pop for a while and you can tell that I’m already hitting the pan! The thing about this blush is that it contains three colors. The Dandelion (pink) for that rosy flush. You also have a tan color for that au naturel look as well as a dark colored one for contour in the cheeks. I’ve had this I think early last year and this is the first blush I can’t seem to get enough of!


I have to admit I have chappy lips so whenever I can, I don’t leave home without my lip balm. I’ve tried so many and a lot of brands have failed me, and this Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm is a gift from heaven! It hydrates my lips and lasts for a very long time. I top it all off with my Ticket to Glossytown Benefit Lipgloss in Pink color. It’s very small and handy and I got it from a pack of 6.


Another Benefit magic is the Benefit PoreFessional. I used to bring baby powders with me to remove all the oilyness in my face, with this I don’t have to anymore. You just have to squeeze a small amount and place it in your T-zone and voila the shine in your face is gone. What I like about this is that you can place it under and above your make-up. Talk about hassle-free!


Okay if you are wondering if this is a dual purpose make-up, then I have to answer that with a no. This is actually an Elf Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter. The highlighter that used to be connected to it popped out because the packaging was so-so. The cap that holds the two together is very brittle so it cracked while I was opening it up. Overall, the concealer is okay. I like how it can hide my dark eye circles whenever I have sleepless nights and morning wake-up calls.


I like batting my eye lashes and this one is a keeper! The Benefit They’re Real! Mascara does not only thicken the eye lashes it also curls it and makes it longer! I love how it can open my eyes wider and make it look fresh and nice to look at. I’ll never go back with other brands ever again!


Lastly, a girl cannot leave home without putting a bit of fragrance. Before I leave home, I either put on Daisy by Marc Jacobs or Chanel no. 5. Whenever the essence is no longer there, I always have Benefit’s Laugh with Me Lee Lee Eau de Toilette handy! I love how sweet smelling it is. Its perfect for a day out.

So that’s the contents of my make-up bag. I know that it looks like Benefit sponsored my make-up kit but no. Haha! I kidd, I just truly love the Benefit line so much and how it promotes “natural beauty” rather than faking it with deep shades.

So to my make-up kit to yours, til next post!

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Love always,


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