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You are a Hero

Happy Monday everyone! As you all may or may not know, today marks the 117th death anniversary of our Philippine National Hero, Jose Rizal. So today, I would like to reflect on the idea of heroism. Most people think that being a hero requires you to give up your life on something worth fighting for. Maybe an idea, or ideals, or a country, or your fellow men, at least something that can affect not just one or two persons but a collective whole for the betterment of each and everyone. I for one, do admit that I have no chance at all to become at par with Jose Rizal. Maybe because he’s just too perfect! An artist, a doctor, a genius practically! But maybe I’m also reaching for the stars here. The thing is, I’m pretty sure I won’t make as much impact like what Jose Rizal did. BUT, what I can do is to help in a small way for the betterment of our fellow men. Easy, achievable and most of all, heroic in its own way. Being a hero means being able to sacrifice a little bit of yourself for the people even for just a short while. Its also about not being “selfish” per se even just for a little bit. And living in the idea that no help is big or small in the eyes of God.

the blanketproject

In lieu to this message on ‘heroism’, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who actually participated in the Blanket Project held by the company I service for. We were able to donate several of your clothing, blankets and other monetary donations to the Philippine Red Cross (as promised!). And of course, THANK YOU also to just everyone who helped in any way. I think the catastrophe that hit our country has given a huge impact on others as well that even foreign countries have given aid to those who are in need at the Southern Region of the Philippines. So, to each and everyone who contributed (big or small) give yourself a pat in the back... cause being selfless and not selfish is indeed ‘heroic’ ;)

Anyhoo, here’s a recent event that I went to that was also tackling the idea of contributing to the help of the public that requires people to think outside the box.

The result? Let’s just say it looks like someone just flew in the Victoria Secret Fashion show and no one told us at all. Here are some more proof of what went down during the event.









I’m super sorry I wasn’t able to capture more photos as I intended due to the fact that I was manning the visuals, presentation as well as the lights during the whole program.

But because this whole event was a huge success, the fashion show itself garnered a total of Php 100,000! And the whole program? We were able to contribute a whopping Php1.5 Million in monetary donations, plus the blankets + clothing you contributed will be of big help to the victims of Yolanda (Typhoon Haiyan). Isn’t that the best news you’ve received by the end of this year. So, in behalf of Empire East, THANK YOU so much to those who have contributed.


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The Blanket Project.

the blanketproject

Hi everyone! So today, let’s take a moment to post something on a more serious note. A week ago, one of the strongest typhoons to hit the planet, Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippine shores. Most importantly, the Visayas and Mindanao region here in the Philippines. Thousands of houses, infrastructures, and lives were affected by this storm. As much as I would want to give this post some positive light, there’s no point denying that the Filipinos who were affected by the storm BADLY NEEDS your help. A lot of people are hungry, thirsty, and in need of any clothing. Now, the only thing that we can take from here is for us to help one another for the good of mankind. As they say, no help is big or small in the eyes of God.

Photos are from Getty Images, BuzzFeed, Time, and Rappler

For people living in Metro Manila, the company I service are accepting donations both in monetary and in kind to help those who are devastated by the storm. If you have old blankets that you are not using anymore, feel free to donate them on our showrooms and head office in Makati. For more details, feel free to look over the poster below. For a more detailed accounts of relief centers, here’s a link collated by Rappler.com. You can also donate to the Philippine Red Cross here.


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