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Enough With The Plain


Long gone were the days that women wore baro’t saya and men wore barong tagalogs. Its funny how at present, men and women are no longer constrained with fashion. Everywhere you go the idea of having a certain style that is different can be considered sartorial or just plain eclectic. People celebrate individuality. But what of the others – the shy, the under dressed and the plain common?

Fashion have always been regarded as a state of mind, an individual’s personality reflected on the way  a person dresses. Its sad to say that there are people who restrict their imagination when it comes to dressing up. When the mere fact that a certain piece of clothing or an accessory can give the highest forms of pleasure and confidence to a woman. I’ve seen this happen over and over again, not only to myself but to the different women I’ve seen leaving the dressing room being praised by their loved ones. And even the most annoying sales lady on the department stores.

“Why are you so dressed up?” is the common question I get asked whenever I emerge down the stairs of own home. And as much as I would like to give a rhetorical answer to that sane question over and over again, I’d always give it a quick shrug. It is not because I do not know the answer to the question, but it is because that there are just too many to mention. The idea behind dressing up is not really complicated, its not rocket science that needs to be studied, but it is a behavioral concept. There’s a saying that goes, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” and this is rhetorically true. How many people have you remembered, who only wears a plain shirt and a pair of jeans, and made an impression on you? Yes there may be one or two, who might have won you with their pleasing personalities. But the others? You have long forgotten them, believe me. A girl who is impeccably dressed and feels as if she’s perfectly groomed can easily forget that part of her, she develops a kind of charm. A certain charisma that isn’t forgettable. And eventually people will notice, and she will notice as well.

The point that I am trying to make can be said that it is perfectly okay to think outside the box in terms of fashion by the time you come out bursting into your front door. It’s completely alright to wear that blazer that hugs your body in the right places even if its a tad bit hot outside. Fashion is not always about utility and practicality. A piece of clothing is merely a piece of iconography used to express individual identity. If one might think that she is exempt from the fashion industry just because one doesn’t care, then that person is utterly wrong. You go to your closet and you choose a piece of clothing telling the world that you take yourself too seriously to care about what you put on your back. But as Miranda Priestly once said to Andy Sachs, “That piece of clothing represents millions of dollars and countless jobs and it’s sort of comical how you think that you’ve made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry when, in fact, you’re wearing the sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room from a pile of stuff.”

Trends may not be for everyone, but fashion is. And it is not restricted to merely dresses and frilly skirts or that chiffon blouse. Fashion is reflected everywhere, in the street, in the air and in the sky. Its the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design and architecture all rolled into one and it shows the world who we are and who we would like to be. So what does your clothing say about you today?

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 Shades : Fashiondipity | Top : Chill for SM Department Store | Pants : ATT Jeans | Bag : Follow Your Heart | Shoes : Figliarina | Watch : Citizen | Bracelets : Mango and YSL


Welcoming the New Year

First up! Let me greet everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year! I cannot imagine how long have I waited for this moment to tell every single one of you that I am still alive and kicking. I know that 20+ days have passed since January 1st, but better late than never right? Anyways, aside from my lacking sense of keeping up with the time, I have a very valid reason for posting this late. My Thesis. As all of you may have known and I have posted this on my previous post that I am going to be away from quite some time because I will be focusing on the most important facet of my life right now which is my education. I cannot give emphasis enough on how important education is for me, as it is one of life’s greatest treasures in life. Material things may fade away, but knowledge is gold and eternal! I am in a good mood today to tell everyone, that although I am not yet done with my thesis defense, I am in fact 100% endorsed! So that is YAY for me! :)

Second agenda for today, is also a decision to be made by me. I am thinking that after thesis defense I can update this blog more often than I expected. And I am (if God willing) will turn this into a lifestyle-blog. Although I still have to figure out what kind of lifestyle I am expecting of myself as well. Anyways, I made this quick-but-wise decision to somehow train myself into honing my skills in writing as well as to try new things for this year! And who knows what God has prepared this time around right? I have 10 months for this year to explore a whole lot of things, and the world ain’t big enough for this girl to see! Haha! I do promise, I will take over the world (in a non-Hitler-kind-of-way) one small step at a time. Who knows maybe I will be the next Anna Wintour?

So far what I’ve been doing for the last couple of days this year was to re-decorate my room. I find this space of my room very chic. This little corner is what I call, my most favorite spot. It reminds me of London, Books, Flowers and Chanel! I’ve been really inspired by lifestyle blogger Jenni Epperson lately with her apartment that I’ve come to do the same makeover to my room.

Books are Edgar Allan Poe’s which I hoarded from my grandma’s secret stash. London Notebook from Greenhills. Faux flower from Robinsons. Vintage Chanel No. 5 Vial. Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Vivienne Westwood Perfume. Briefcase Keychain from London

I’ve also recently posted pictures of my outfits via my twitter.

Christian Dior inspired Bag from Malaysia. Top is from FashionOne HongKong. Chanel inspired shorts from Kirin Kirin
Christian Dior inspired Bag from Malaysia. Top is from FashionOne Hong Kong. Chanel inspired shorts from Kirin Kirin. Belt is from Esprit
Here's the detail of that top which is actually a dress. Same belt from Esprit
Here’s the detail of that top which is actually a dress. Same belt from Esprit

I take pride with the fact that you can see my painting, my mannequin, and the evidence of thesis via illustration boards.

Leather Jacket from London. Top from Calypso. Skirt from Topshop. Bag is from Coach.
Leather Jacket from London. Top from Calypso. Skirt from Topshop. Bag is from Coach.
Jacket from Mango. Top from Chill. Shorts from Topshop. Bag from Jill Stuart. Necklace from Primark London.
Jacket from Mango. Top from Chill. Shorts from Topshop. Bag from Jill Stuart. Necklace from Primark London.

Thank you so much guys for all the love even if I haven’t posted anything since Thesis happened. I promise, I’ll be back on 2nd week of February.

Much love,

Cara G.