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I Tried to be Like Grace Kelly

_DSC5938 copyNow here’s an opportunity I would never miss in the world! My uncle booked the whole family for a trip to the Malacanang Palace. Now, for those of you who haven’t heard of the Malacanang Palace, it is the Filipino version of the White House. So yes, technically, the President of the Philippines is residing there. And no, sadly, I wasn’t even able to get a glimpse of our President. But anyhoo, it became a very fun, and EDUCATIONAL tour indeed. It took us about an hour to go around – just a certain part – Malacanang and of course we were also given a guided tour. Our tour guide, “Mr. Rommel” had given us a chance to get an inside look on the lives of the past presidents, their treasures, and some secrets.

_DSC5889 copy

_DSC5917 copy

Of course before anything else, segue muna tayo ng outfit post. To be honest, I didn’t have any clue whatsoever that we were going to the Malacanang Palace itself. My parents only told me to think that we are like going to hear mass. Hence, there are still of course guidelines to be followed. Prior to this, my mom told me to avoid wearing shorts, sleeveless tops and slippers. According to her, I should wear the “Cara Garcia look”. I kept bugging my mom where we are going, but she wouldn’t budge.

_DSC5937 copy

_DSC5941 copy

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_DSC5891 copy

Look at those veins! The hard part of being a dancer for almost 8 years, you begin to develop large veins on your foot cause you don’t have time to wait for a shower. If only I had known during grade school what effects my actions would take me. _DSC5921 copy

_DSC5944 copy

_DSC5950 copy

Did you see the “I am a NoyNoy Fan”?

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_DSC6015 copy

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My favorite part of the whole tour was the library. It was huge, full of books, plus there are also some art pieces all over the world. The books were categorized by President and what they have contributed during their term.

_DSC6077 copy

Halatang nag-eenjoy ako sa library!

_DSC6074 copy

A little fun fact: My dad’s name is actually, Carlos P. Garcia. He was named after the 10th (Please correct me if I am wrong) President of the Philippines. And I usually use this to my advantage to prank some of my classmates. I kept telling them, “My dad was the President of the Philippines.” Now, if you want to know whether or not were related to him (the President, I mean) I have no idea either. If someone would be kind enough to trace back my roots, I would really appreciate it.

_DSC6091 copy _DSC6100 copy _DSC6093 copy _DSC6102 copy

If you want a tour of Malacanang, you can e-mail them at pml@pcdspo.gov.ph to book a reservation.


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70 and Fabulous

For the past 20 years of my life, I have been blessed with only one pair of grandparents. Needless to say that I have not been blessed to see my grandparents from my father side, my only grandparents have not been disappointing! In fact, I consider myself lucky to have my lolo and lola (grandpa and grandma) by my side ever since I was born.

A little fact about me is that my provincial address goes way up north in the sunny province of Baliuag, Bulacan, where it has been said that the ‘most beautiful’ of all Filipinos came from. Now I don’t know about that last fact, but I think my genes from my mom side can attest to that. (Yes, more self-appreciation. Sorry for having a big head).

My grandma or Tita Ganda (The Beautiful One) as most of her friends call her, has been my mentor to most of my life’s challenges whenever my mom is not around. She would be the one who would tell us funny and embarrassing stories about my mom and her brother when they were little. She’s very nostalgic and truly one of a kind! In fact, she even kept several memorabilias of my brother and I when we were little. From letters to drawings to cards! She was the one who gave me beauty advices too! In fact, my secret to smooth and supple skin is all thanks to her! She used to scrub Eskinol all over my body when I was little after I take a shower during summer break. I even recalled her telling me, “Kailangan talagang magtiis kung gusto mong maging maganda.” (The only way for you to be beautiful is to suck all the worst things that goes along with it.). That’s my first recollection on how we Filipinos call it, “Tiis Ganda!” And she is right! From high heeled shoes to wearing beautiful clothes, you always have to pay the price on being beautiful.

My grandpa on the other hand is where I think, my intelligence and artistic side came from. He’s very academic and very artistic. Even up to now! He would dress up belens during Christmas, and he even decorated our car when I was in a parade in our province. What I love most about my grandpa is the way he cooks his meals. Every time my family and I go home to Bulacan, we will always expect a number of viands and drinks. He is always prepared for a feast. And every year, he will always hold a party in our house where almost everyone is invited and he is the one who prepared everything! I have to admit, at first I was pretty scared of my grandpa when I was little because I always recalled him always shouting. But one thing that has been stuck to my brain was the fact that he never tells a lie. I even remember him whispering to my mom, “Tignan mo nga naman oh! Gumanda din si Celine” (Would you look at that, Celine became beautiful). When my mom told me that I was OVER THE MOON. Yes, I know I’m not the prettiest one, but I guess I’m not all that bad. :)

Now, last Saturday we celebrated my beautiful grandmother’s 70th birthday at the Manila Hotel, Cafe Ilang Ilang where we had a buffet feast! I have to admit, I suck at buffets because I eat very few which explains why I have this very petite, thin frame. I stand at 5’1″ so if ever I go beyond my limit weight, I will not look nice. For now I am healthy at 100 lbs, and just toning my body to develop muscles and not fat. I do have a very high metabolism which explains why even if I eat a McDonald’s Cheeseburger for today it would not affect me much. But of course, I do try to limit what I eat. For this occasion however, I did try to go over my usual amount of food and finished only at 4 plates. BUT in my own defense, I ate most of the desserts, which has more calories than your usual smoked fish or ham. Anyways, we had a blast eating our hearts out. And yes, I’m that girl wearing a cheetah print dress from Zara as if I am the one celebrating, but you have to at least work it you know! I may never get the chance to wear this dress again once I start working.

Anyways, to all the fabulous grandmothers out there, keep on being fabulous! And to their grand children, always love and appreciate your grandparents! They ALMOST ALWAYS have the BEST ADVICE on EVERYTHING.

Love Always,