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You Better Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself


Ice cube jokes aside, one of the most important thing in life is to get to know oneself. A funny concept isn’t it? But do such people exist? Those lucky few that don’t need to spend half of their life searching for what makes them, themselves. I for one believe that the purpose of life is finding or developing oneself to the best possible self one can be. But is there a so-called “better version” to become?

If there is a better version of you that you can become, how can it be possible that the more flawed, lazy, unsuccessful version that you currently are is more you than the successful, energetic, happy person that you could be?

I think that the “true version” of ourselves lie in the the person who are constantly striving to be better, to achieve more and to add to humanity. No one is perfect, but striving to be better is what makes life worth living and is what will eventually lead us to true happiness. Unfortunately, like most of you, I too am at loss when it comes to figuring out what the steps are that need be taken to reach a higher state of oneself.


What it comes down to is the fact that being human means having limits. In order to know how far you can go, you have to outline those limits – the only way to do this is to push yourself to your limits and continue to do so until your limits reach your ceiling and you can no longer improve.

Whether or not such limit exists is an argument in itself. Nevertheless, finding said limits take a lifetime, so there is no need to worry about improving too quickly; there will always be more that can be done.

All of this idea of doing more, improving more, becoming better is actually counterproductive. The true secret to everything in life is to keep things simple, keeping things at minimal. We have so much extra baggage that we carry around with us throughout our lives that it is no wonder that we have so much trouble improving and getting to where we want to be. Life is already hard enough without having to lug around an extra 50lbs of useless garbage.

Have you tried only living? All it takes is for you to be breathing and for your heart to be beating – that’s all. Nothing more, nothing less. All your thoughts, all the things that you know, all the activities that you do, all you see, hear, smell – all of it is one big extravagance; it’s not a necessity. Nothing is necessary for your existence other than existing itself.


If you want to find out who you are, what you are made of, you need to meet yourself at your most basic form. Sure, you can argue that your thoughts, beliefs, and hobbies are what make you who you are. That’s true; all of these things do differentiate you from all the other people in the world. But you already know what makes you different from everyone else.

That does not, however, mean that you know who you really are. If you want to find yourself, you need to find out what does not differentiate you from the rest of the world; you need to be introduced to what connects you to everyone else and what makes you part of the world. I am connected to the world through my blog.

To do so, you need to let go. Let go of whatever it is that ties you down to your routine. Although, we can’t all just quit our jobs and vacation for the rest of our lives. We can, however, make sure not to take our work home with us after we leave the office.

We can stay home alone instead of going out to meet up with friends for drinks. We don’t need to meet up with our boyfriends, girlfriends, lovers, booty calls, fuck buddies, hookers. We don’t need to watch TV, movies, read, exercise, clean or anything else. In order for us to meet with ourselves, we must cut out all that is in excess of life itself. I am sure that most of you are finding this to be miserable. I’m sorry.

Human beings are not built to live in isolation. No man is an island as they say. We are meant to socialize and work together. What I am saying is not a way of life, but a method that can be practiced regularly on a week-to-week basis that will allow you to find yourself. You, the real you in your most basic form, is the you that doesn’t need anything more to live than the sustenance necessary for life.

There is a reason why you hear all of these “success stories” about people having to hit rock bottom before being able to find themselves and being able to grow and flourish. For anyone to be truly successful, they must know themselves first. The only way to get to know yourself is to cut out all the excess fat.


You could follow the footsteps of those that have lost everything because fate decided that that was the only way for them to start to live the life they were meant to live – but it wont be pleasant. The people that have lost everything before bouncing back did not enjoy their situation. Being in that situation involuntarily is not comforting in the least.

The only way to find yourself – to find out what you are made of and what really makes you tick – is to let go of everything. Hopefully you will be willing to do it on your own watch; when fate forces such a situation upon you, it is only accompanied by pain and sorrow. But I can tell you honestly, what it will eventually lead to is a life of happiness and satisfaction.


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The Beauty Perspective

It is hard to imagine now that some women like Dayang Dayang was considered beautiful in the seventies, with her tall frame and exotic looks, or that Ping Valencia’s winning smile were a wild example of high diva beauty back in the days. Its funny how at present, everyone must look the same. Nowadays, it is all about smallness, tightness, smoothness – it is, above all, about youth.

It’s not just that beauty has become depressingly skin deep, it’s that the skin must all look the same. The scarcity of imagination when it comes to the idea of beauty had become two-dimensional and shallow. There had become an imaginary checklist on to which you have to tick the corresponding boxes and levels before you are allowed to or even be considered beautiful.

Whenever I turn on the television, my favorite channels always feature make-over shows let alone we are bombarded by commercials telling us what is considered beautiful. Although the term makeover is such a positive term to think about, it also gives some negative effects in the idea of beauty. When I was young, I saw a television program about women who were considered “ugly” getting extreme makeovers. The show was called, “The Swan”. There were “The Before” and “The After” pictures – showing the trajectory from ordinary females to ones who had been nipped and tucked, plastered in makeup, had their hair spruced up, and clothed with the latest trends. I have to admit, every single one of the women looked more beautiful, and twenty times more attractive, in “The Before” pictures. Why you may ask? They look relaxed, smiling, authentic, until some stylist got hold of them and left them looking artificial and posed with their stretched, nervy smiles.

The most beautiful woman I know in life, rather than on the screen, would not pass any single one of the current beauty tests. She may be hitting the big four-o or maybe even fifty, with the lines on her face to show it. She may have small eyes, she can have the most freckled skin, and mildly imperfect teeth. She is not tall or thin. Her hair is a little frizzy, undone and not blow dried. She does not even have especially fine bones, or the carved jawline that is now indicated for any attempt at beauty. Yet in my eyes, she is utterly, and just simply gorgeous. She is a Filipino, and she does have that dalagang Filipina thing going on, but it is something more than that. The beauty comes in a hundred undefinable ways – her laugh, that light in her eyes, a kindness that pours out of her like starlight. But if magazines saw her, they would put her in the before picture and send a stylist stat.

I say, blame them! Beauty, in life as in art, comes in a thousand different disguises. You can’t reduce it down to a before and after picture. Ladies, open you eyes, and you will see it everywhere, even in your very own bathroom mirror.

On a more serious note:

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