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Saturday Links: Lena Dunham’s “Cover Girl” Dance

Lena Dunham and the Cover Girl dance

Lena Dunham is probably the cutest thing to ever become Vogue’s cover girl. With the rising star of HBO’s original series, “Girls” she does not only play the main lead, but she also writes the screenplay. In the video, Lena Dunham calls International Editor-at-Large of Vogue Magazine, Hamish Bowles to help her with her cover girl pose. The outcome? A cute quirky “Cover Girl” dance that features almost every iconic Vogue poses to grace the magazine. “From Toto in the Doorway” to “Twiggy Improv”, to the “Naomi”. It’s a very fun and charismatic short from the ever so high-fashion Vogue. In fact, a lot of people are asking for a step-by-step choreography from Vogue. And if you want to give it a try, here’s a How-to-Video from Vogue itself. Pretty soon, you’ll be ending up with your very own “Cover Girl” pose too.

Woody Allen and his Golden Globe Tribute

Last January 12, the Golden Globes were not only giving tributes to best and brightest star to grace our movie and television screens, but also to Woody Allen. When Woody Allen was presented with the Lifetime Achievement award at the Golden Globes, which was accompanied by a very lengthy tribute to his life and work. My first thought as soon as I heard his name was, “Why are we applauding a child molester?” My second thought as soon as they started showing clips from all of my favorite movies of his was, “Dammit, too many of these hold too precious a place in my heart.” If you aren’t too familiar with what I am talking about here, here’s a link from Refinery29 that summarizes what had happened to Woody Allen’s life and the curious case of him molesting his own daughter, Dylan Farrow 

To be honest, I really felt terrible thinking about the fact that a man who is a genius when it comes to writing and directing quirky and out of the box movies that I’ve always loved watching over and over again have this awful background story to him. And it makes me feel confused on how to approach this context. To be honest, in the artist’s point of view, I really adore his movies. They are very different from the ones you always see in movie screens. There are themes, depth, and it gives you a really good feeling at the end that only Woody Allen can offer. But at the same time, I’m also thinking like an adult, (WOOHOO. Way to be mature Cara!). Like you also have to consider the background of this person and its very difficult to judge him based on his character. I really love Woody Allen, and at the same time I hate him for having this kind of past. But maybe I’m too quick on judging a person. I’ve never even actually met the man himself.

Cece McDonald is FREE as a bird

During the week of January 19th, I learned about the story of Cece McDonald. Cece, is a trans* woman of color sentenced to over three years in prison for defending herself and her friends against a hate crime which left her with 11 stitches in her face, was released. Last year, she was convicted of manslaughter when she tried defending herself from a group of men charge in the death of Dean Schmitz, 47, an ex-con and member of a white supremacist gang, who confronted her with racist and homophobic taunts outside a Minneapolis bar in June 2011. She was sentenced into 3.5 years in prison.

To be honest, I never really knew Cece’s story not until Laverne Cox of Orange is the New Black posted a photo of her fetching Cece from the Minessotta Prison. Laverne is co-producing a documentary about trans* visibility that focuses on this case, Free CeCe. I can’t wait to see it.

Kevin Hart and Mr. B. Boogie

This was a very fun watch. I’ve been a fan of Kevin Hart ever since I realized that he looks a bit like Chris Tucker. A loud mouth, black guy (and I’m not being racist!). It’s just that the similarities between those two is very convincing. It’s also because I’ve recently watched Grudge Match, that I was trying to look over some of his interviews, which eventually led into this funny interview with Jimmy Fallon and how he was called by the President of the United States during a holiday gathering over at the White House. And its also in this interview that he talks about how he spilled some drink over at Jay-Z in a place you wouldn’t want to get sticky.

When I posted this link online, a friend of mine suggested I should look for his stand-ups over at YouTube. Maybe I will try after posting this. Hahaha! I always keep on forgetting!

Editor’s Letter

Beyonce’s Ghost from her new album is her manifesto to break out of the norm


I know, I know, that its the new year and you might be asking, “Why Cara? Why haven’t you posted lately?” And “What’s up with the BE RIGHT BACK POST?”

Well, to be honest, I have been a bit down lately because I was browsing through my posts and I think that what I have been writing for the past year doesn’t feel like my voice at all? I mean, yeah, I am interested in fashion, and yet I want to talk about a lot of topics with you guys but I just can’t really find the right place and time to do that. And yes, I was in the state of depression and it killed me for the past few weeks. I wanted to find a certain balance between the two and for the past few months what I’ve been doing wasn’t doing any good for me.

Way back MAY 2012, I had this idea that this website can be a source of voice for all of us Generation-Y who feels a bit left out with the world. When everybody else is partyin’ partying like it was always Friday, I on the other hand, am at home eating some good ol’ dinner. I had this VISION of what I wanted to achieve with this blog. Because that is how I felt was the right thing to do, when everybody is trying too hard to be cool, while I, I became the weird, smart girl who has her head buried at a book at 12 in the morning. At that time, I felt, “Hmm.. Somebody out there should be feeling what I’m feeling right?” And it turns out, that yes. There are some people who feels the way that I feel and they do tell me that. On my end, it feels so good to know that there are people who kept on telling me “Oh I feel the same way. THANK YOU FOR THIS.” And it is so empowering to hear that.

My parents and my family have been so very supportive for the past year on what I write. Sometimes, when my posts get featured on Elite Daily, my dad would go to his computer and e-mail links to his friends on my article even if they are the least amount of person to be interested in women’s fashion. But it was so cool to get feedback from them and they are all so proud of what I’ve achieved at 21.

I experimented with the idea to opt for going with the norm. On what people expect bloggers should say on their blog posts. Like “Oh I wear this! Oh I wore that!” or “I went to this place and it was an awesome place to go to. You should all go and experience it.” And as much as I would like to say most of that, it turns out that, that “idea” of how I should write had been so wrong for me. I didn’t know how to write what I feel anymore and I didn’t know how to voice out my own opinions. The internet is already so crowded with so many websites, and its the place where people can be democratic and say what they want to say. BUT, its also a place where there is a longing to be heard and because there are already so many people its gonna be difficult to stand out. And I don’t want that. I don’t want anyone who wants to start a blog to feel the way that I felt. The GOAL that I initially started with this blog, as stated in my ABOUT ME page, says that this blog is a place where I can tell what I wanted to say. And I think that the internet and this website is a place where people can be who they want to be, a place where people shouldn’t be judged. And its OKAY to be smart and be pretty, its OKAY to be a feminist and still like fashion. Because in the end, the only person you’ll be satisfying is YOU.

So for this year 2014, let me try something out. Let me speak my voice, let me be myself and I will say what I want to say. And I will share with you my experiences and my perspectives in life. Cause I know this is the only way that I’ll be able to connect with you – the readers. I will no longer try to adhere to what the internet says I should do, because this is my website and this is a place where I can be the better version of me. In lieu to this thought, I will start a monthly theme on where I will revolve my ideas on. For this month, its about VISION. And I’ve already prepped up for it. (Remember the time that I was gone?) so you would see weekly posts from now on, and weekend lists of the things I’ve discovered in the internet that may get your interests. Of course, the cover artworks will be done by me too. So to sum it all up, I will be GETTING ON WITH MY LIFE and how I should be running it. Cara Will Take Over is now and will always be a place for all the weirdos, artists, and those people who feel left out. This is not about me anymore, its about all of us.

I love you all.

To a visionary start of this new year!