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The Blanket Project.

the blanketproject

Hi everyone! So today, let’s take a moment to post something on a more serious note. A week ago, one of the strongest typhoons to hit the planet, Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippine shores. Most importantly, the Visayas and Mindanao region here in the Philippines. Thousands of houses, infrastructures, and lives were affected by this storm. As much as I would want to give this post some positive light, there’s no point denying that the Filipinos who were affected by the storm BADLY NEEDS your help. A lot of people are hungry, thirsty, and in need of any clothing. Now, the only thing that we can take from here is for us to help one another for the good of mankind. As they say, no help is big or small in the eyes of God.

Photos are from Getty Images, BuzzFeed, Time, and Rappler

For people living in Metro Manila, the company I service are accepting donations both in monetary and in kind to help those who are devastated by the storm. If you have old blankets that you are not using anymore, feel free to donate them on our showrooms and head office in Makati. For more details, feel free to look over the poster below. For a more detailed accounts of relief centers, here’s a link collated by You can also donate to the Philippine Red Cross here.


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Letter from Cara: Remember November


While its a bit hard to believe that October has already come and gone, I am so excited that we are already heading for the holidays! There’s no denying that November is the best time to bundle up, which is why November is definitely a time to remember.

My November calendar is now filled with get together parties with friends and families. That said, I am so inspired to put together a party planning guide. I’ve been reading a lot of books on how to put together the perfect party and hopefully this will come to place. I will also be sharing a few eats and treats to cook up for said parties. I’m very fortunate to have a job that allows me to plan events beforehand and see it actually happening. And if you don’t want to feel any hassle in planning your party, reserving hotel buffets will also be nice. I’ll try to give a lowdown on which hotels give the best buffet service if you are on a budget. On the fashion front, get a bit excited cause I’ll be whipping up a few fall hat guide, as well as a post about the style of boot I’m currently craving to have in my own closet. Just because we’re living in the Philippines does not mean we should not at least dress for fall. And if that doesn’t help you get your holiday wish list started, I will have gift guides galore going up at the end of the month just in time for that holiday sale!

By tomorrow stay tuned for my new basics guide for upgrading your basic wardrobe. As well as Friday for my October playlist!

There’s never a dull moment here at So stay tuned for some creative ideas from yours truly.

Do you have any fall or winter requests you would like me to cover on the site this month?

… I’m taking suggestions! Sound off in the comments below and I will be sure to take a peek.

XO. Cara

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