Cara Garcia is a twenty year old self-declared artist and advertiser. An avid fan of everything that is in fashion, but who doesn’t loose her credibility by keeping up with the trends but stays true to herself. A certified shopaholic for all things in fashion and dreams of one day owning her first Hermes bag and strutting the streets of London in her 5-inch heels. She virtually stalks a lot of her idols like Anna Wintour and dreams of becoming the next big thing in Vogue Magazine. Ultimately, Cara is now finished studying her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts major in Advertising and dreams of maybe one day getting an office in the top international advertising offices in Manhattan and London or Vogue. She is now working as a Creative Marketing Assistant as well as a Graphic Artist for a Real-Estate Company in the Philippines. She’s an avid fan of Leighton Meester, has a huge crush on Robert Downey Jr. and fantasizes herself as Audrey Hepburn or Coco Chanel. She takes into account that she will take over the world, one small step at a time.

What is your full name?

Its Cara Emmeline T. Garcia. Most people call me by my first name, “Cara”. But for my relatives and close friends they call me by my nickname which is “Celine”

What do you really do?

For now, I am a graphic designer and artist for a top real estate company. I also venture out to a design studio in California where my work is collaborated with my employer. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts major in Advertising Arts. But if I were to dictate what I do, I would want to be next editor-in-chief of Vogue US, or be and Executive Creative Director of any internationally known advertising agencies. Whichever the case, I would want to be big someday.

Notable Achievements?

Aside from being awarded as salutatorian from our high school batch? Well, lets see, we have 2nd Prize for an Essay Writing Contest for Philippine Daily Inquirer and being on the Top 30 Finalists for the Tiger Swatch Competition. Oh, I recently graduated as Magna Cum Laude during college. Technically, there’s not much, but I’m working on it.

Where are you from?

The Pearl of the Orient Sea, the Philippines. Most of my life, I’ve lived  in Manila. But I would want to live in London someday.

You don’t look Filipino?

Well, my nationality is Filipino, but I’m mixed blood. My dad is 50% Chinese-Filipino and my mom is 50% Spanish-Filipino. So there’s really much of a mixed blood of Chinese-Spanish-Filipino. But in most cases, I feel more like 100% Filipino at heart.

How’d you get into Advertising?

Well, I really took up advertising to be more of a fashion designer. Just like what Leo Burnett said, “I didn’t come to advertising, Advertising came to me.” So, while I was studying, I got more interested in advertising than my original dream of becoming a designer. But I’m not really crossing out fashion in my life, I would want to be an art director or a creative head of a magazine someday, and hopefully become the next editor-in-chief! Who knows right?

Who inspires you?

Relationship wise- my family and my friends. Most of the time, my travels. I really love traveling a lot and most of the time, my travels reflects my aesthetics in arts and crafts, and also fashion.

Why did you set up this blog?

I don’t know, I really feel like sharing some of my burden sometimes. I’ve always been opinionated and I always love to write. I’ve had many blogs before this one, and deleted most of them since I do not want to handle that much of an account. I do have a diary tho, that is where I usually write what has happened in my life during the day. But this blog is more of like an experience kind of writing and hopefully this will pass on as somewhat of a memoir if hopefully someday I’ll be somebody. But whatever the purpose of this blog will be, I hope you may consider that this is more of a share type of blog rather than your usual fashion, make-up, food and lifestyle blog. I am not really that far well-off kind of girl and certainly don’t have that much time photographing what has happened to my life so far. There are also certain barriers of which I would want to share with you, and there are also moments of which I want to keep to myself.

What about your photos?

It really depends, I usually cite whoever has taken my photos. Some of which are mine.

How was your thesis?

My thesis is about Subway Sandwiches, and it went great! I got to be awarded Best Thesis for the Non-Traditional Advertising Campaign Category

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