I Tried to be Like Grace Kelly

_DSC5938 copyNow here’s an opportunity I would never miss in the world! My uncle booked the whole family for a trip to the Malacanang Palace. Now, for those of you who haven’t heard of the Malacanang Palace, it is the Filipino version of the White House. So yes, technically, the President of the Philippines is residing there. And no, sadly, I wasn’t even able to get a glimpse of our President. But anyhoo, it became a very fun, and EDUCATIONAL tour indeed. It took us about an hour to go around – just a certain part – Malacanang and of course we were also given a guided tour. Our tour guide, “Mr. Rommel” had given us a chance to get an inside look on the lives of the past presidents, their treasures, and some secrets.

_DSC5889 copy

_DSC5917 copy

Of course before anything else, segue muna tayo ng outfit post. To be honest, I didn’t have any clue whatsoever that we were going to the Malacanang Palace itself. My parents only told me to think that we are like going to hear mass. Hence, there are still of course guidelines to be followed. Prior to this, my mom told me to avoid wearing shorts, sleeveless tops and slippers. According to her, I should wear the “Cara Garcia look”. I kept bugging my mom where we are going, but she wouldn’t budge.

_DSC5937 copy

_DSC5941 copy

_DSC5943 copy

_DSC5891 copy

Look at those veins! The hard part of being a dancer for almost 8 years, you begin to develop large veins on your foot cause you don’t have time to wait for a shower. If only I had known during grade school what effects my actions would take me. _DSC5921 copy

_DSC5944 copy

_DSC5950 copy

Did you see the “I am a NoyNoy Fan”?

_DSC6004 copy

_DSC6015 copy

_DSC6050 copy

_DSC6062 copy

My favorite part of the whole tour was the library. It was huge, full of books, plus there are also some art pieces all over the world. The books were categorized by President and what they have contributed during their term.

_DSC6077 copy

Halatang nag-eenjoy ako sa library!

_DSC6074 copy

A little fun fact: My dad’s name is actually, Carlos P. Garcia. He was named after the 10th (Please correct me if I am wrong) President of the Philippines. And I usually use this to my advantage to prank some of my classmates. I kept telling them, “My dad was the President of the Philippines.” Now, if you want to know whether or not were related to him (the President, I mean) I have no idea either. If someone would be kind enough to trace back my roots, I would really appreciate it.

_DSC6091 copy _DSC6100 copy _DSC6093 copy _DSC6102 copy

If you want a tour of Malacanang, you can e-mail them at pml@pcdspo.gov.ph to book a reservation.


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