50 Random Things About Me


Here are 50 Random Things About Me:

1. My full name is Cara Emmeline T. Garcia. Most people call me by my first name, and no one has ever used “Emmeline” on a daily basis. Even during my grade school days my dad always mis-spelled Emmeline.

2. I was born on the last day of December of the year 1992. I am a true-blue Capricorn who has a tendency to be an achiever.

3. I have an older brother named Carlo who is 2 years my senior who I am competitive with since childhood. I graduated 2 months before he did. And I love him dearly. (Read more about my relationship with my brother here.)

4. I have a blood type of AB which I am very proud of ever since I found out that Jesus have the same blood type. It somehow makes me feel like I’m special

5. I only took two examinations for college, the UP College Admission Test and the UST Entrance Test. I passed both. But I took UST instead cause I got scared of the UP Facilities.

6. I have an eidetic memory (photographic memory) which tends to be very useful during examinations. But after the exams I tend to overwrite it with another information. It’s also useful at times when I need to recall where I place things.

7. Because I took UST, I told myself that I needed to have a scholarship to help my parents with the finances. So during 4th year high school, I told myself I need to graduate as salutatorian or valedictorian. I got salutatorian instead and got a scholarship at UST. (Read more about my college life here.)

8. I don’t like blood, even fake blood. I can never stand CSI or House MD without having my stomach curling like a ball. But I do love the feeling of injections.

9. I have a high tolerance for external pain, but I’m afraid of getting my bones dislocated or even broken. Hence, I’m not a sporty person.

10. I do however like to jog and run. I do pilates and I used to do Zumba. I do these things not to get skinny but to tone my muscles. The heaviest that I got was when I was 110 lbs, and I lost over 10 pounds in one year thanks to college stress and exercise. But dont fret! It is normal, my BMI is 18.5

11. I have never been hospitalized in all my life. I never had dengue or chicken pox.

12. I can never end the day without washing my face with facial foam and having to rub two cotton balls filled with Eskinol in my face. I don’t tone and moisturize because I tend to break out whenever I do it.

13. I am a home-buddy. If I am not working or hanging out with friends, I am usually at home in my t-shirt and shorts watching movies.

14. I started wearing glasses during third grade with a 50-50 vision. I’m 20 years old now and I have a 150-150 vision. I never had contact lenses because I’m afraid I may lose them.

15. I took up fine arts to be a fashion designer, but eventually I found out that I wanted to be someone who will predict what comes next to fashion. Somewhat like a dictator of taste. (Why did I change my mind? Read here.)

16. I’ve envisioned myself as the next Anna Wintour after watching The Devil Wears Prada and when I read my first Vogue magazine way back 2008.

17. London is my dream country ever since I was 8 years old. (Read more about my fascination for European countries, here. And read more about my recent travels, here.)

18. I love traveling and the feeling of being “foreign”. Although, most of the time people tend to talk to me in Chinese because I look Chinese. DUH. But if I can travel for a living, I’d take it in a heart beat.

19. My favorite authors are Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Edgar Allan Poe. I immerse myself in gothic, action, thriller, crime books and I enjoy seeing them on film. (Read my ravings and fandom on all things Sherlock Holmes here. And read more book reviews, here.)

20. Speaking of movies, you can never make me watch horror. Why? Because I ask too many questions and the characters seem dumb to me. (Read some of my movie reviews here.)

21. I have a love-hate relationship with Math. I mean, “Why does Anna need to buy 74 melons in the first place?”

22. I love the color blue, especially if its in the shade of Bluish-gray. Fun fact, my birth stone is Blue Zircon and in a recent study, scientists say that the color blue actually enhances creativity. WEEEE~

23. My room is actually based on Blair Waldorf’s room. Only smaller.

24. I can sleep easily, and I can wake up easily. I’m a light sleeper, even the slightest hint of noise can wake me up.

25. 80% of my closet are Mango.

26. I have more dresses than pants.

27. I never leave home without my jacket and my bracelet.

28. You can never make me wear harem pants or a high-low skirt.

29. I am in love with Robert Downey Jr.

30. I have a group of friends in college, and we called ourselves “The Gang” just because we were too lazy to think of a name. (P.S. According to Izza, “The Gang” member, she named it “The Gang” because she is reminded of Scooby Doo’s Gang. And Fred calls his gang “C’mon Gang! Let’s go!) I am also very maternal when it comes to my friends. I will always take care of them whether they are drunk, sick, or just plain heart broken. (Read more about me and my friends, here)

31. I have an aunt who has down syndrome

32. I am awful at directions, and I can never remember street names. But if the place looks familiar (the photographic memory plays a role here also) then I will know how to get home.

33. I hate using taxi cabs. ALONE. I must always have someone to go with me whenever I take the taxi.

34. I like rapping as much as I love memorizing its lyrics. I used to challenge myself into rapping any Twista song, but I failed. But my musical tastes vary on what kind of mood I have. I can listen to Ska Punk, Indie, Pop, Hip-Hop, and RnB but NEVER rock. Rock as in screaming rock. (I have lots of playlist. To get an idea of my musical taste, read more here.)

35. I used to be in a dance troupe in high school to which we dance mostly hip hop, but I can never break dance and do tumblings and cart wheels

36. I cough on purpose on people who smoke beside me or whenever I pass by them

37. I hate it when people spit or snort in public places.

38. I have skin allergies on my neck whenever I wear necklaces.

39. I never had dental braces, but I had a fair amount of time wearing a back brace because my spine was slightly deviated to the right during high school.

40. When I was young, I always wanted to be a cashier because I liked how the cash register makes the cha-ching sound when it opens.

41. I am picky about my food. I don’t eat onions, or kimchis, or any weird food. BUT I love deserts. My favorite Filipino food is Sinigang na Hipon. Those big shrimps are divine!

42. I love to listen more than me doing all the talking. (Hear me somewhat complain about it, here.)

43. I like receiving hand written letters :) I think they are the sweetest thing

44. I’m very observant. I pay attention to the most minute of details, even I don’t know why.

45. I’m the model student who never miss school. Like, even if I have fever I’d go to school anyways. The library is my hangout place and the guards know me by my name cause I am the one closing the school. I am your resident nerd.

46. I love the feeling of warmness or the general feeling of warmth. I take hot showers, I have a blanket whenever I sleep even if it is summer.

47. I prefer wearing my boots than flats or stiletto heels.

48. Chanel. I think Chanel is an icon and Karl Lagerfeld is a genius. (Read more about her in my blogpost, here.)

49. Red roses to me are overrated. If its Valentine’s Day, the way you tell your girlfriend that she’s special is to think outside the box. Don’t give her your usual flower, give her something else. I prefer peonies.

50. There are times when my dreams predict my future. But whenever it does happen, I have already forgotten the dream and I only remember it when it actually happened :))))

+ Facts : I don’t like junk foods, I don’t like alcohol that much, I don’t like to party that much (I’m a home buddy I told you. And if you want to read more about why I hate partyin, you can read it here.) and most of all… I don’t like cursing. If I do curse, it means I’m really, outrageously mad and angry as if all my emotions are bursting because of rage but that moment is very, very rare. Thanks stress!

So, I hope this gives you a brief idea about me. Do we have something in common? If you have a random thing about yourself comment down below :)


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