The Girls of the Platform

ThePlatform is not just a YouTube channel. It is when your denim jacket needs a DIY pick-me-up. It is when you need to apply the perfect red lip. It is when that guy hasn’t texted you back. It is when you just need to laugh out loud. The Platform is your go-to bestie. And if you haven’t subscribed to their channel, I suggest you drop everything that you are doing right now and get to YouTube, type in “Sh*t Girls Say” over the search bar and you are sure to find The Platform’s uber chic it-girl P’Trique. And pretty sure you’d be saying #TotesAmaze after you watch their videos as well as after reading this post. 

Garnering over 200,000 subscribers and over 14 Million views, The Platform is a YouTube channel that caters to young women, mostly teenagers to their early twenties that deals with everything – from fashion, to make-up, to breakups– this video blogging is everything that a girl can ask for!  The people behind this YouTube channel can be pinpointed to Maker Studios. Founded in 2009, Maker Studios is a cutting-edge, talent-first media company founded by YouTube artists. As talents themselves, they already know what’s happening behind the camera, such as being a one person production studio – from wardrobe, to make-up, to producing, to editing, and the time to be creative. And its because of these wonderfully blessed and talented people, that The Platform is born!

P’Trique ‘cest chic!

P’Trique – played by the 31-year old Patrick Pope – in its own right should have her own spotlight. She is in fact a style icon of the new generation. Garnering millions of support from her fans who subscribe to her videos via The Platform, she is a diva. She acquires front row seats of the hottest designers every fashion week without even asking. If only we could trade places with this queen. But that’s not all, she’s also close to the fiercest fashion mogul there is, Ms. Tyra Banks herself! As well as friends with the catchy “Friday” singer to Katy Perry-star, Rebecca Black. Can I say #TotesAmaze again?

“My schedule is cray-cray” P’Trique says, as she usually describes her busy schedule especially during Fashion Week. To get her through the day, she has an assistant to get her all prepped up in the morning, and fixes her schedule. She layers not just one or two kinds of perfume to acquire her signature scent, but spritz 8 wonderful layers of perfumes from Chance by Chanel to Tom Ford’s Urban Musk. She always ends her day at 4 am after her long hours of interviews, modelling, and just being the mega-chic that she already is. P’Trique says, “Against all odds, I complete my beauty routine and make it into bed. I remove my makeup; slather a layer of Crème de la Mer over my face, neck, and décolletage; fire off a good-night tweet to my followers; and apply my youth wraps. I always sleep on my back to evenly distribute gravity and avoid wrinkling.” Being the ultimate style icon of this generation, she tells that it is all about the attitude. “Life is like Kabuki-inspired minimalism and Chanel gauchos, you just got to go for it. Real fashion girls know that.” P’Trique says.

Turning Tables on the dance floor to your laptop

Amy Pham – a 23 year old DJ from California, is the host of The Fashion Statement over at YouTube. Her eclectic mix of style and sass makes her the perfect host for this segment of The Platform. She mixes her musical influences like Pat Benatar with classic women like Audrey Hepburn in order to captivate her own style that is clearly seen on her videos over at The Fashion Statement. When she is not hosting, she turns the table and rocks the dance floor from LA to London, or playing with Snoop Dogg, Raekwon, Riff Raff, Iggy Azalea or working for brands like Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Seven Jeans, Mink Pink, Hellz Bellz, and Audrey magazine. “Honestly, I find inspiration everyday. I could be walking down thestreet and an elderly woman has on this great little outfit, so I’ll make a mental note of that. More often than not, my fashion taste is derived from music and music culture. From 80′s punk, to 60′s mod, to 90′s grunge, to 50′s-inspired rockabilly, I draw from practically every genre.” Amy Pham says.

The Brazilian Beauty

Camila Coelho, the beauty guru who has – clearly – Brazilian roots is a bomb shell. In case you don’t know or, are still oblivious by now, yes she does speak fluent Spanish as well as English. She has separate YouTube channels prior to The Platform. But then again, Camila Coelho creates a beautiful masterpiece with her makeup brushes as well as her palettes to create achievable every day looks for us girls. And yes, she’s not just a makeup guru, she’s also a fashion guru with her blog Super Vaidosa. The Rio de Janeiro native has as lookbook too and her looks are as effortless as she flicks her mascara.

The California Girl with a twist

Andrea Brooks, who goes with the username, “AndreasChoice” is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle guru on YouTube. Her Make Up to Break Ups session features special guests that talks about anything under the sun. From make-up and yes to break ups. Separately, she specializes in Do-It-Yourself tutorials, and creates beauty and lifestyle tutorials for viewers to follow. There’s a long list of features behind Andrea’s belt. She was featured in Perez Hilton’s style blog, CocoPerez, and was also hired by make-up guru Michelle Phan, herself! Her other ventures include launching a vegan nail polish collection called Circus.


With the growing amount of subscribers in YouTube, The Platform provides a go-to fun environment for girls who would want to find inspiration for their own personal styles while learning to improve themselves for the better, physically, emotionally and socially. With their wide-range of talents The Platform gives us a perfect mix of diversity and eclectic people that are easily relatable and are fun to watch. The dynamic group of Maker Studios is truly one to watch and I can’t wait to watch more from The Platform.

Be sure to subscribe to The Platform in their youtube here.

The schedules to watch are as follows:

Tuesdays: The Fashion Statement with Amy Pham!

Thursdays: Beauty Pop with Camila Coelho!

Saturdays: Makeup to Breakups with AndreasChoice!


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