Fashion Feature | Are you a Head Turner?

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What does it take to be a head turner? A tall physique? Flawless skin? A great sense of personal style, of course. As hipster chic is becoming a new direction amongst fashionistas everywhere, and Coachella (or any music festival) have become the IT place to go to for any fashion-savvy out there, Head Turner, is now entering the world of fashion for all the fashion-forward and fans of the blooming trend of hipster-chic in the Philippines.

Tricia Platon, the head designer, is familiar with the trend. Donning floral crowns inspired by the latest Coachella fashion that became a trend over the past few years, she made the impossible, possible by making it available for Filipinos out there who are craving for handcrafted materials and are on a budget.

When asked the definition of a head turner, she quipped, “I’d like to think that being a head turner basically makes people look back at you and say, “Hey! Where did you get that?” She gives credit to none other than her mom for giving her the inspiration of naming her line. “The culprit of the name Head Turner is none other than my mom. Well, it did make sense to my first featured product, which are flower crowns. As for me, the second reason behind the name is to literally make people’s head turn, as my customers wear our products.” This mother-daughter tandem has worked well in the past, dating to Tricia’s thesis where she would often ask her mom for advice and even ask her mom to give questions to prepare Tricia for her jury panel.

She also takes note of a certain friend who inspired her for coming up with the line. “I guess, I’d have to thank a friend for making me come up with the brand. A year ago, when floral crowns wasn’t a craze then, I purchased a floral crown for my Coachella-themed birthday party. Knowing that I have one, my friend borrowed mine as she intends to use it for her trip to Bora. The next day after she got it, I had this ‘Eureka!’ moment and said, “Why don’t I make floral crowns instead?”? And the rest, as they say, is history. With the first collection of her line featuring floral crowns and floral sunglasses now out in the market, it is suffice to say that most heads will turn once they see Tricia’s line being donned by Filipina fashionistas strutting in the streets of Manila.

“Head Turner is handcrafted for each client, and of course, it is where the good finds are.”

Tricia translates most of her style to her brand. “I have been in love with anything floral and printed. Head Turner, in general, would mainly revolve around my kind of style that I wish to share among others. In every piece that we make, I would always try to see myself wearing it. Since my style depends on my mood, likewise when I design or make my crowns and sunnies”

The difference of her personal aesthetic and her brand though boils down to h0w unconventional she is in terms of her own personal style. “I would always say, I’m the unconventional type. I always want – I try –  to be different in a crowd. But most days, I go with my mood and of course the weather.” Since her brand is her style, it is hard for Tricia to choose which one among her line is her favorite, “Will I get sued if I say, everything is my favorite?”, she replies.

“For the first collection we obviously focused on florals since it is summer, plus the craze of music festivals. For the next collection, its a hint of back to school with a bit of summer hangover. More and more prints!” Truly, Tricia is not going to stop making her brand known to the world. For sure, she already has some tricks up on her sleeve that will only make us wait for more. “For the upcoming months, it’s for me to know and for you to find out. We’d like to keep you guessing!” We are guessing Tricia, truly, we are.

Dont forget to like Head Turner on Facebook and follow them on Instagram to get the latest updates! If you have any questions and suggestions, just comment down below. I would love to hear your suggestions!

Photos courtesy of Tricia Platon (c) Head Turner 2013


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