Seoul in my Heart : Part III

Now we have come towards the last post of my trip to Korea last May 14th to the 18th. I will be only posting the third day as the fourth and last day of the trip were only reserved for shopping around Insadong, Itaewon. Myeongdong, Dondaemun, Nandaemun and Gangnam District in Korea. The last few days were very tiring to any girl like me as shopping takes a lot of time, and admittedly, I went a little overboard with my budget this time around.

Anyways, back to the third day. The third day was reserved for my grandfather’s request to go to a museum in Korea. Granting his wish, we went to the National Museum of Korea in Yongsan. It is very accessible as it is only 1.5km walk from the Yongsan Station.

Comparing to Taiwan and the Philippines’ National Museum, the National Museum of Korea has a very modern architecture from both the exterior and the interior. The interior reminds me of the Louvre in Paris. Inside the museum, it deals with Korea’s prehistory and the different cultural influences that made Korea today. And inside you will find, as usual, pots and pans, prehistoric weapons, paintings, some cultural relics of Buddha and many more!

There were several highlights inside the National Museum of Korea such as the pagoda, which I think, has something to do with Buddhism. While another highlight was this particular crown. The Gold Crown from the Shila Period is the largest crown I have seen so far. It even beat the ones I saw in the Tower Museum of London sans the furry base!

During the night, we went to a night city tour via Seoul City Tour. We were able to go to around Seoul, for about 1 and a half hour. Before going back to the pit stop, we were able to go down the Seoul Tower where I took pictures of my family. The driver only gave us 15 minutes to take a picture and look around. The Seoul Tower reminds me of the Victoria Peak in Hong Kong sans the tram going up the mountain. However, comparing the two, Victoria Peak takes the cake since it has a spectacular view of Hong Kong especially at night. While the Seoul Tower is still surrounded by tall shrubs and trees to which ruins the view when taking a photo. But nonetheless, I was able to admire the Seoul Tower even for just a short while. Somehow the Seoul Tower reminds me of Boys Over Flowers. Am I correct? Did Go Jun Pyo profess his love here?

During the next few days:

The Insadong Market is the best place when you are looking for a great pasalubong to your friends as they provide the best handcrafted materials made 100% by Koreans. More specifically, the Korean business women as Insadong is full of trinkets that girls will surely love!

The Itaewon Market is the best place to find antique furnitures. This particular setting reminds me so much of Danshui in Taiwan where they offer vintage furnitures and decorations from different European countries. I wasn’t able to buy anything from Itaewon as I don’t have that much money on hand, but if I do have, I’d go gaga over the antique chairs and tables that reminds me of Marie Antoinette’s table and chair fixtures at Versailles.

Myeongdong, as previously mentioned on the first part of this series, reminds me of Ximending of Taiwan or the Causeway Bay area of Hong Kong. Myeongdong houses the most number of cosmetics shop in one whole area. So if you are looking for make-up finds, Myeongdong is the place for you.

Probably the only photo I took at Myeongdong for my friend Jeb :)

Dongdaemun market, is the best place for retailers and wholesalers. They offer different raw materials that you will be needing to start your own clothing line. In one building you will find different sets of fabrics, mesh, buttons, ribbons, and so on and so forth. While another building caters to the shoe makers and avid toy buyers. Again, I wasn’t able to buy anything from this particular area as I am not planning on starting my own line YET. But this is a must see for all of you guys who wanted to check out different materials that Korea has to offer.

Gangnam District is the best place for fashionistas everywhere! This place caters to fearless women as Gangnam provides a numerous amount of ready-to-wear clothing that are on the runway. You can find Zara and Topshop here, as well as expensive signature brands. Sadly, I was too tired to even do “Gangnam Style” in Gangnam. And the photos I have were not really an evidence that I’m doing Gangnam as it only looks as if I’m waving my hands in the air like a lunatic.

Going to Gangnam with the frizziest hair, no makeup, and a sleepy brain.

I always loved going to trips like this as I am able to get a grasp of different cultures even just in a short period of time. I’m (very) up to another adventure like this! Hopefully, there will be more adventures to come for me, and I shall take over the world (in a non-Adolf Hitler kind of way). Til my next trip to Korea! And more trips to come!

‘Til next post!

Love Always,

Picture 5

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