D.I.Y. | Mother’s Day Special

One of the most tempting things that I wanted to add this year in my blog is to share with you some tips and tricks on being thrifty by having a Do-It-Yourself corner here in my blog. I’ve been doing arts and crafts way back in high school and it is one of my signature gifts to be as sentimental as possible whenever I give gifts to my friends whenever I have the time. So for this edition of Cara’s DIY Projects, I would want to share to you THIS YEAR’s Mother’s Day gift for my mom. And hopefully you could capture or get some nice inspiration from this project for your mother’s day gift.

What You’ll Need:

1. Picture Frame – Shabby Chic Design. (I got mine from Kenko for Php 200.00)

2. Personalized Photo Designs (I printed quite a few, about 10, from Photoline for Php 7.25 each)

3. Some Crafty Papers – National Bookstore for Php 39.00

4. A cute paper bag. – National Bookstore for Php 69.50

Total : Php 381.00


Prior to the pictures, I created some personal designs for my mom to actually read and have some more options in choosing what she would want to frame. But for this gift, I placed the pink card to contrast with the blue frame. Now as I said earlier, I was able to print 10 designs, just because I wanted to comply with Photoline’s minimum number of prints. If you want to print it at your house, you can do that as well and make lesser prints. :) The design is totally up to you, but make it more personalized and tell your mom how lucky you are for having her.



Now the first thing were gonna do is to remove the backing and choose among the designs which would be the perfect photo for the frame. Now the designs doesn’t really matter, it can be your favorite photo, a small artwork, a drawing that would remind your mom how special she is on that particular day.

After choosing, place the photo on the frame and check if the photo is held onto place.

With the frame already done, its now time to put it in the paper bag. Place your frame in the middle of the paper and carefully fold the left side over it.

Do the same thing on the other side, as well as the top and the bottom and secure into place by using scotch tape.

Place the frame inside the paper bag and give it to your mom!

Now remember telling your mom how grateful you are for having her doesn’t need to be expensive. She’ll appreciate a personalized gift anytime just as long as you put your effort into it. Have a happy mother’s day to every mom in the world especially to my mom!

Love Always,

Picture 5

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