An Open Letter to Jennifer Wei-Ting Wang

Dear Wei-Ting “Jennifer” Wang,

Hi! How are you today? I’m pretty sure by now you are pretty bored or maybe packing your things as you will leave the Philippines in more than 48 hours or so. Which is why I’m writing this open letter to you, that once you are officially not living in the Philippines, I’m gonna be missing you terribly. Words cannot suffice how sad I am to see you go. It seems as if four years have passed by so fast and I didn’t even get the chance to cherish the moments we spent together. But, I’m truly glad that I met you during first year. I’m glad that fate has brought us together even if our friendship is the unlikeliest one. You are truly one of a kind! Like Fat Amy unique!

One day, you will get to see the world even more as it is now. You will explore a much better perspective in life more than just a journey. Because I know that you are the type of person who just goes with the flow and let the tide take you wherever. I admire your free spirit and the way you handle most things lightly as you can. You may be at times naive, but the way I see it, that’s a gift you can only possess. The world is as serious as it is, and when I spend time with you, it seems as if the world is lighter, much brighter, and everyday can be a new adventure! I know that there are times when I don’t participate in your misadventures (as how I call it) given that I am very restricted but the years we have spent together made me realize how happy I can be with life. When I’m with you and the rest of The Gang, I feel happier as if nothing matters. It’s just me and my friends having a great time and I can be as silly as I want to be and not feel ashamed at all! And maybe that’s the thing I’m gonna miss the most. To be silly. And you taught me that. I can choose to be happy when I want to be and not let anything get in the way of my happiness. Of course, I still need a lot more work in that department but for now, I think I have the right balance.

Whatever the case will be after you go back to Taiwan, I hope you not only remember me but also a lot of people who you have spent time with in the past. It may be hard for you to do that,  given that you have a very short term memory. You have already held a really nice place in the hearts of a few couple of people here in the Philippines when you stayed. Yes even including Chris. But I really hope you remember us for a long time. Long enough that when we bump into each other in Taiwan, we would not treat each other as if were strangers boarding a train or just someone we casually meet in the street. I’d be terribly sad if that ever happens.

I hope you continue being a dreamer. As much as awkward it may seem. Even Yamapi had that dream about the prince who had a toilet for a face:

And yes! Pretty soon, Pixar and Disney will have an opening and you are gonna grab that opportunity to be one of the greatest animators Disney have met. You may tell yourself that you don’t have enough skills like the pros but I’m pretty sure you’ll get the hang of it once you believe in it! If the going gets tough, the tough gets going! Remember that and live it! Never allow anyone to say you can never do it. I’ll even send you a letter if ever you got in. And I’d be too happy for you to say anything. Raise my hands in the air just like Logan Lerman!

And if ever you really want your ashes to be scattered in the moon, we’ll make that happen. I just have to remind myself to wear any rainbow colored shirt once I got an invite from your relatives or friends about your funeral. I hope that in Taiwan they don’t make you go up the stage and say a eulogy. Cause I don’t really know what I will say once I learned that you have died already. In terms of you marrying someone, if God permits, you have to promise me not to make me the party planner or what have you. You’ll know how Jesus I can get, that people in Taiwan might trample me over. Never (ever) forget to send me those cookie boxes most Taiwanese give to their guests. Haha! And if ever marriage does happen, then I promise to tell your future husband your codes (number 1 until 5).

And maybe threaten him along the way if he ever hurts you. And that also goes to your future boyfriend(s). You know how clingy I can get.

If ever Yamapi finally meets you or vice versa, send me a picture or a post card. I’d be over the moon happy for you once I finally see it materialize. And if ever I meet Robert Downey Jr. I’d send you a photo as well. I hope you’d be happy for me too. You know how we become whenever we fan-girl. Make sure Yamapi is in running position or he is topless. Or even maybe he is wearing that glittery pink suit.

I’m pretty sure you’d fancy that last idea more than the other two. Or even say these magical words to you:

or even give you a real kiss:

Maybe he’ll even eat noodles or awkward food with you no matter how hot it may be. Cause I’m pretty sure, you are going to feed him nice and tasty food to eat.

And maybe if this relationship with Yamapi progresses, feel free to slap him in the face. I guess he’ll know by now how much you really like that.

Just make sure you don’t hurt him too much cause he can be a bit sensitive too:

But no matter what happens in the end I’m pretty sure he will be sending you kisses as you look at him from your balcony.

Also never be afraid of age by the way. Remember that age is just a number. You are 23 now, but you have a mind of 12 year old. What more if you become 35! And if ever we grow old, just imagine how fabulous we will look like when were rich and famous! Growing up is part of life, so we all have to take it all in stride. Just make sure that you will age gracefully.

If ever you end up as a single woman, I know you’ll be having lots of cats in your house. You’ll have cute ones to take care of just like this little guy.

Or maybe adopt like BrAngelina.

To sum everything up, I’m really gonna miss you so much and all the other shenanigans you have come up with in the last four years we’ve been together. I know how you easily get bored when it comes to reading long posts, so I’ve come up with a video of the 25 Things I’m Gonna Miss about you. Although it should have been longer, I just summed everything up because there’s just so much more to miss.

I don’t really want you to go, but I’m pretty sure you have more adventures to go to that’s why there is a purpose for you to leave in such a short notice. I’m gonna visit you in Taiwan if I can. And were gonna have so much fun together I can easily tell.

I love you Jennifer! I’m gonna miss you so much.

Love always,


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