People Who Are In Love Will Eventually Find Their Way Back

I never liked saying “goodbye” to people because the idea of them not returning back is too haunting for me. Maybe I’m too selfish to admit it, but whenever I get close to someone, I do get clingy. Friends, most especially, have been the closest thing I have to a real relationship outside of my family probably because they are my circle. My friends have kept me grounded, happy, sad, mad, outrageously depressed, and sometimes made me a weirdo. They get me – most of the time – and like me, they are dysfunctional. And I like (love, actually) them just the way they are. And I do get sad, whenever I would think that these “relationship” that I have with my friends will drift apart, one day. Because, to be honest, I will have never got through, anything, without them. Sometimes, I do imagine myself together with my friends 20 to 50 years from now, getting together as if we were never apart. Think, Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, 90210, How I Met Your Mother, sort of friendship. These kinds of relationship that even though in life we meet new friends, we always go back to the non-judging Breakfast Club we have come to know. And I found mine, and hopefully it will last 50 years from now.

Sadly, things are not always the same case as my imagination. There will be people who will go into far away places and eventually start a new life there. And of course, like any Capricorn, I too have my own dreams to fulfill and traveling will be one of them. But it is scary to think that one day these people whom you have come to know will go on a different direction that you do, and as much as you want to be happy for them, you can’t help but feel sad that you are not gonna see them anymore as much as you did before. But a ray of light will eventually come, as social media networks have made it possible for us to connect with our friends, through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype etc. But again, meeting these persons up close and personal is a much better way of being with them than just a virtual representation of you.

As for my case, I do have friends who will eventually go on different paths. And as much as I would want to hold on to them much longer, I will eventually have to let go and tell myself that pretty soon we will eventually meet again. Hopefully, they will remember me, and things will pretty much seem as if nothing have happened. Quoting, Katy Perry and Timbaland in their song, “If We Ever Meet Again”, they said:

I’ll never be the same, if we ever meet again. Won’t let you get away, if we ever meet again.

To my dear friends who I will miss, I hope to see you again. Fulfill the dreams you have dreamt. I’m pretty sure you’ll do well without me and I will eventually carry on without you too. Someday, we will relive these moments during our time together and I can’t wait  to hear all of them! Good, bad, weird, funny, sad, and what have you! Cause in the end, I’m pretty sure I’ll still be the same Cara you have known, always listening, always caring. So for now, I do have to let you go but to the point that I’m pretty much excited on what’s in store for both of us! Because in the end, we both got each other and as much as I am rooting for you to do well in everything you will do, I, in turn will think that you are doing the same for me! This is not a goodbye, but a see you soon! Because in the end, people who are in love with each other, will eventually find their way back. And I do believe that.

Love always,


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