From Baccalaureate Mass to Summer Vacation (A Photo Diary)

I know I have a back log of blog posts to attend to. Most of which are in my drafts folder, but most of the time I couldn’t finish these posts because I’m having a writers block. So instead of my usual posts that are most of the time self-depreciating, I would want to share with you one of the momentous moments of my life which is my last days of college.

The Baccalaureate Mass was held on March 19th. The most memorable event during this day was the fact that we can write on our uniforms like a piece of paper and write stuff about our friends that we are going to miss the most. I am usually adamant when it comes to having my uniform ruined let alone be written on but since that day was officially my last school day until graduation then I let my classmates, friends and block mates do their work. As usual, I’m seated with my group of friends, of which we call ourselves, “The Gang”. It consists of Celina (a previous classmate of mine during grade school and finally got reunited during college), Izza, Chris, Jennifer, Sunny and Allan. My block mates usually call us “Ad-2’s Asian Chicks” often referring to the movie Mean Girls. And yes, we are the Asian Chicks probably because our groups consists of a Taiwanese, a Korean and let alone a one-third Chinese (me).

Pauline (the girl in the turban) quipped, “I’m part of The Gang now. Whut.” Haha!
Yes. I have random kiss marks all over my uniform.

On March 26th, a week after the Baccalaureate mass, was our graduation. I graduated as Magna Cum Laude of the batch. Which of course is a great honor in itself, but let alone to give a speech on that day is even more marvelous! Here’s a sneak peek on what went down during my graduation.

My mom told me that she cried afterwards :) AWW.
The Gang again complete. 4 of the members graduated with honors! :)

With my proud parents. Sadly, my brother couldn’t come to my graduation. He has a class that day and that’s why he couldn’t make it.

This was my speech for the Graduation Rites. Hopefully, you can still bear it as this post, in particular, is very photo heavy. To balance it out, I even added my speech. :)

Rev. Fr. Filemon I. Dela Cruz Jr. O.P., our Presiding official and vice rector for religious affairs, Rev. Fr. Edgardo D. Alaurin O.P., Regent of the College; Associate Professor Cynthia B. Loza, Ph.D. Dean of the College; Asst. Prof. Jaezamie V. Ong, Faculty Secretary of the College; Asst. Prof. Gedeon Nacario, chair of the department of advertising; Asst, Prof. Rodolfo Olaso, Chair of the Department of Interior Design; Mr. Romeo Castro, Chair of the Department of Industrial Design; Asst. Prof. Danilo Santiago, Chair of the Department of Painting, our dear professors, my fellow candidates for graduation, parents and friends, ladies and gentlemen, Good afternoon and welcome!

More than four years ago, we were just naïve young adults trying to make a sense of this world. Armed with our skills in drawing and the dream of becoming “somebody” someday, we entered this university. Step by step we have conquered every challenge brought upon us by our subjects and our professors. Every end of the semester is a step closer to our dream of going up this stage, receiving our diplomas, making our parents proud and hopefully our country someday. These dreams of ours, are our own expectations, not our parents’ and not our friends’.

Four years have passed and as I see ourselves now, we truly have grown. As a matter of fact, I think even beyond our own expectations. Some of us, aimed to reach for latin honors. Others, wanted to prove themselves worthy, eventually became better versions of themselves. And in my heart, we all succeeded and this commencement rites is a proof of that. As we say goodbye to our previous expectations, let us pave way to new ones. Let us learn to be flattered when people expect much from us. As we keep in mind that high expectations are reserved for those who are truly deserving. And who better to prove them, than us? Quoting St. Thomas Aquinas, he said, “We can’t have full knowledge all at once. We must start by believing; then afterwards we may be led on to master the evidence for ourselves.” So today, expectation should no longer be connoted with the word “failure” but merely challenges. The world, outside of college, is a challenge. It is a lot harder, they say. But after long years of hard work, we gain not just the honors and merits accompanying our degrees, but more importantly, the discipline and values imbibed upon us through the process. As we move forward towards the real world, we are no longer just backed up with our skills in drawing. Instead, we are armed with our experiences, values, discipline, as well as skills in many advanced technologies we have learned in college.

Let me take advantage of this moment to congratulate everyone. Each and every single one of us deserve this moment to shine, and today is the day we can celebrate that. Let me also thank our parents. We owe so much to you. You are among the few who have seen our struggles and endeavors. So, thank you, for your unwavering support. To our dear professors who have imparted to us their knowledge and skills, thank you. Rest assured, we will take with us wherever we go the things we have learned from you. To my dear friends, blockmates, and the graduating class of CFAD, this is the moment we have all been waiting for. I wouldn’t ask for anyone else to share this moment than with you.

Thank you very much and have a good day!

Of course in usual college fashion, a graduation wouldn’t be complete without a graduation party for all the graduates. Hence, our college’s student council created, Aftershock. Expect a bit of trippy photos from this point on, as the photographer is a tad bit drunk. And I hope you don’t mind us looking all that casual for a party because we came from a casual get-together and then decided to attend the party.

A week after, my block mates and I went on to have some swimming party! The party was held on Cristina Villas Resort in Antipolo City. My friends and I met at Jennifer’s condominium in time to do some grocery shopping. We were the last ones to arrive and thus got the least pictures. In usual fashion, I live by the quote “A Queen is never late, everybody is just early.” We had an overnight swimming followed by some usual games of beer pong and what nots. Most of my friends were sleeping by 3am. I, on the other hand, did not get to sleep much as Chris was talking to me the whole night. To which details are pretty much private and are disclosed.

Barbeque-ing some hotdogs :P

Its like Jesus was born

The next day, my friends Izza and Chris had to enroll in time for their summer internship. We left the Villa by 12 in the afternoon, went to UST and had a lunch at Army Navy near UST by 2pm.

Of course, The Gang also wouldn’t pass up any opportunity for a get together. My friends and I are inseparable. Which is usually one of the reasons why my parents are getting mad at me for cause I almost always hang out with The Gang.

I’m pretty stoked for summer and whats to come this year and its only been April. On the coming months, I’ll be flying to different countries and exploring wonderful cultures! This time around with my family, as it is my graduation gift.

I’ve been seriously considering going to grad school pretty soon, but I’m still wondering if I should work first. Anyways, whatever the future might hold, I’m pretty much up for it. 2013 is going to be a blast.

Til next post!

Love always,


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