Movie Review: Struck By Lightning

Chris Colfer as Carson Philips

I like writing as much as I enjoy reading pieces of literature. When I was eight, I remember writing random songs about love on pieces of scrap paper that could pass off as any Taylor Swift songs. By the time I was ten, I wrote a poem about how much I hated the rain. In all seriousness, I never published any of my poems and never kept any of them because I’ve always led to believe that my writing was not good enough, but I enjoyed writing it. By the time I reached puberty, I learned to love the arts and felt really good about it. It deals with self-expression as well. I excelled in my craft with my staggering accomplishments and awards that I received from school, but I’ve missed writing. I joined the school paper by the time I reached 3rd year high school and wrote only one article about “How To Spend Your Christmas.” My teacher, who was the faculty adviser of the paper at that time, loved what I wrote and personally invited me to join the paper in the coming year. I wanted to and I did, but by the time the next school year started my teacher was no longer in our school. I got scared again and thought to myself, “Who would want to read what I wrote?” I shrugged and never joined the paper but I did join writing contests outside of school and I won some awards. Fast forward to college admission examinations, and when the time to write what college course you wanted to go to my first instinct was to write, Fine Arts and Journalism. Of course, I chose the former, basically because I never envisioned myself to be. I never saw myself, seeing my name on the local newspaper or in a magazine because of my lack of interest in actually honing my writing skills. So, I just retorted to blogs, such as this to help me get by on the things that truly matters to me the most: Arts + Writing. Hopefully, people will eventually notice my writing skills not just the grammar.


I wrote about my interest in writing because I have recently watched, “Struck By Lightning” which stars Chris Colfer (the guy from Glee). The story is about a boy named Carson Phillips  (Chris – who btw also wrote the screenplay) who died when he was struck by lightning.  Carson always envisioned himself getting out of the little town of Clover, making a big name of himself as a journalist and even maybe being a top shot editor of one of the most prestigious papers in America, The New Yorker. I guess I can say that I really liked the movie and Chris Colfer’s character because I see a great deal of myself in him. I guess that passion is one of the greatest gift you can ever give to yourself in accomplishing your goals even if you only started small. No amount of money will ever take away the passion that you strive to put in your heart which will eventually reflect in your work. That is the movie’s lesson, as well as a practical application to life. I guess, we all strive (as young adults today) to make a name for one’s self in the coming future and it is everything but normal. I guess the challenge for us is how do we create an impact on others in the most ordinary of ways everyday. People give you expectations of what they want from you, both positive and negative. High expectations are reserved for those who are deserving. People who don’t expect too much from you? Prove them wrong, royally at that.

Rebel Wilson always at her best.

Looking back, college for me is about to end, I don’t know if people or my classmates ever recognized how much I wanted to be ‘more’ than just me to them. I’ve always been labeled as ‘the smart girl’ but hopefully, I’ve been more than just that. And if ever I was, I’d be truly and eternally grateful to know. And it was an honor being something more.

Way to go Chris Colfer! :)

Anyways a parting gift from my favorite college professor, Ma’am Mortel. Who I will be eternally and forever be in debt for all of the things she has done to me, being my adviser as well as being a second mom who I can look up to in the next stage of my life.


Love always


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