Happy 40(5th) Birthday

Late Cara, is always late! I’m sorry, I’m usually punctual in all my deadlines especially school related works but I never posted in time whenever it comes to my blog. I should be reprimanded for being a so-called, self-declared “BLOGGER”. Anyways, I actually think I’m on time the first time because it’s not yet too late.

My dearest mum has just celebrated her 45th birthday last October 29, which we pre-celebrated after our family’s big reunion (which you can read all about it here). So earlier today, my grandparents on my mother’s side braved the long hours of traffic from Bulacan (my hometown) to EDSA going to Bonifacio Global City to celebrate a post-birthday celebration with my mum. My mom being the dearest woman that she is, celebrated her birthday to the newly constructed Burgos Circle near Bonifacio Global City.

We ate at Uncle Cheffy’s for lunch and if you guys want to have some really nice dinner with close friends this is the place to be! The service, the atmosphere, and the food are all superb! It’s brick-oven cuisines, especially the Uncle Cheffy’s pizza and salad, are the most recommended menu offerings for this branch. Anyways, before lunch, our family had a very quick but awful trip to someplace that’s the reason why I had and pardon me for sporting a very unruly hair and such shiny face. I wouldn’t want to remember that moment.

Bad vibes go away! Here comes the food shots, I quickly took with my camera, before my hungry brother ate all of the appetizers and the meal itself! Please be aware that some of my food shots are as equally appetizing as the food itself. I hope I’d do justice to my professor.

Uncle Cheffy’s Pizza

Uncle Cheffy’s Salad. This I love very much. It reminded me so much of Ilocos because of the Bagnet ingredient

Like any typical Filipino-Chinese custom, a birthday would never be complete with noodles. Any kind! It is said that you have to eat pasta or noodles in order for you to wish the person good and long life.

My family and I are all but not equally satisfied with the whole meal. After lunch, our stomachs were full so we took the liberty of walking around Bonifacio Global City. Thankfully, the weather was as equally cooperative as the shoes I’m wearing today. Which means, I could finally take the coveted “outfit shots” most bloggers would don right now. So hopefully, I’d be vain enough for all of your eyes.

Dress Zara | BaMango | Shoes Robert Roberts (UK) |Necklace Primark | Bangles Vintage (From my grandma so its legit) | Belt Esprit | Vest Gift

We waited for about an hour or so, before we can finally walk into the most talked about Mind Museum in Bonifacio Global City. Unlike other museums available here in the country, this one is privately-owned and is quite expensive compared to foreign museums like the ones I visited in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Guam, and even London. For those who would be coming here might need to bring their Student I.D.s (Public School Students can get in at Php 150. While Private School Students can get in at Php 450), Teachers can get in at Php 150, Seniors always get their 20% discount. Regular Price is at Php 600. (If you want more information on Mind Museum visit their site here)

How disappointed was I when I found out that this T-Rex is only a replica. I really want to touch a real dinosaur’s bone!

For a privately owned museum, this is a bit disappointing on my part because most of the mechanical technologies such as the ones in the second floor and the first floor (ATOM Part) are mostly not working when we arrived. Maintainance-wise should be improved. If you’ve been to foreign countries and visited their science museums, e.g. Hong Kong Science Museum, this is a tad bit disappointing. The architecture from the outside is really nice but the inside it may look outstanding, but there’s not much to do I should say. I would recommend it to kids about 11 years younger than me who have such great interest in science. Probably after visiting Museo Pambata. Overall a 7 out of 10. It’s not so bad, but it aint that great either. I was really hoping to find a Tesla coil inside, that would make it 100 times better. But no one can always have it their way.

Anyways, now I’m back home and a bit sleepy from all the walking and the eating. But my mom’s birthday celebration was very fun. I hope that even when I grow older, I would still be able to instill this cultural value that my parents have instilled in me by actually spending time with my whole family. As I conclude this blog post, my mom’s 45th birthday is indeed superb and extremely blog post worthy!

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