Looking Back to the Yester-years

Most people in my life know how much I value my family above everything else. It’s because I know how much my family means to me and this is how I’ve been brought up by my parents and this is how my parents have been brought up by their parents. I have always described my family as a kind that ‘doesn’t go forth and multiply’ I mean if you could see, its only me, my brother and my mandatory mother and father. As much as I would like to have first cousins, I wasn’t blessed with either one of the sides of my parents. On my father’s side, he has a sister. Unfortunately, Tita Maty, as we all call her fondly, is diagnosed with down-syndrome when she was born and she died at the age of 66 about 3 years ago. On my mother’s side, we have an uncle called Nong-Nong (Ninong), who is still single. So as you can imagine we are a very small family, and I don’t have first cousins to enjoy company with.

The year was around 1800s when Nazario and his wife (2nd row from the far left) got married. Nazario is my great-grandfather, as described to me by my father, was like the ‘Godfather’ around Nagtahan. We owned vast lands (almost a quarter) of the Nagtahan Bridge area until it was sold to the government. But nonetheless, Nazario was rich and he got married to his beautiful wife. He and his wife had four beautiful daughters, Guadalupe, Praxedes, Francisca and Josefa. Guadalupe and Praxedes (3rd row in the middle) both died of old age, and had no husbands and children. They died devoting their lives to their fellowmen and to God. I was able to meet Praxedes, I called her Lola Adeng, she used to teach me how to cook ‘leche flan’ and she’s very religious. My dad said, she was the most strict among the four siblings. Francisca, their other sister died on a car accident. My grandmother, Josefa (1st row, third from the left) was the youngest and was the only one who married and gave birth to my dad and my aunt.

(From first row, Lola Guadalupe, my dad, my aunt, Lola Adeng, Lola Sefa, and Lolo Basil)

So, after that the rest was history. My brother and I were born and we have a very small family. But what happened to the other side of the family? We all know that Nazario has a brother named Gregorio and he wed too. Little did I know that he did ‘go forth and multiply’  Yesterday was the mark of a new age of the Pasicolan Family. Oh in case I forgot, my dad’s name is Carlos P. Garcia, not the president! And he was the only one who bears the Pasicolan name in our family. Yesterday, my dad was able to gather 73 Pasicolans in one venue. And I didn’t expect that much! I was hoping to get at least 20 to 30 families and cousins to see and meet, but lo and behold, I was very wrong.

See what I mean by a lot? I never knew how big we were! And those people who were supposed to be my age are already the fifth generation. My brother and I were supposed to be on the fourth generation, those who are already in their 30’s and 40’s who have children of their own! Of course a family reunion wouldn’t be complete without a few family revelations such as mistresses and boy-girl or girl-boy but I wouldn’t dwell on that information. I realized how much I was very alike to them, aside from physical qualities of course! But I think I will be very much be likened to my grandmother, whom unfortunately, I wasn’t able to meet even when I was a baby. My dad told me how she loved writing and she took up Journalism for her college degree. I always wanted to be a journalist, a double degree perhaps? She also adores books like I do! Her favorites were those of Edgar Allan Poe’s and Sir Conan Arthur Doyle! She was just like, if not, me bone and flesh!

Ninong Tito (the one in the first row, far left) is the kid that was being carried on the first black and white photo. He is now 73 years old!

Blue is by far the largest family. This is where most of the family secrets have come from. If you know what I mean ;) The Blue and Red families are the closest to ours. Just because they live the nearest to our place and we almost grew up together!

And of course, our small family. LOL. I just realized how awfully large the leather jacket looks on me.

My dad said that the Pasicolan Family never changed and he hopes that it will still be the same in the coming years. Family is the most important and integral quality a Pasicolan has and we (as Pasicolans) have truly lived up to that quality. The main purpose of this event, as the elders say, is for us to officially get to know each other and perhaps in the future, we would be able to still enliven the family tradition of getting together as a whole family.

Here are some more photos from the Family Reunion:

The so-called family tree. See what I mean, about not going forth and multiply?

Oh and after the reunion, we stopped by Sugarhouse and got my mom a birthday cake! Happy Birthday mom!

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