Misconceptions Of A Photo Blogger

Cavite, Philippines as I call it, the other side of MOA that I have never been to. I actually went there for my photography plate for my class, last year, just so I won’t use any of the stock photos I have and actually just travel somewhere here around Manila – that I have never been to. And my photography professor suggested we take some shots of migratory birds here in the Philippines, who happens to be just passing around. So there are two main points where these migratory birds visit the Philippines, one is in Candaba Swamp in Pampanga, and the other is in the Coastal Lagoon in Cavite. If you like bird watching then you can go to this site. The president of the Bird Watch Philippines has been so accomodating to my questions that I have prepared so I can easily figure out how to go there.

Personally, I asked my dad to take me to the Coastal Lagoon since it is much nearer to Manila than the one in Pampanga (even if I also have a house in Bulacan, but we’ll get there sooner). DO NOT expect it to be really really clean and neat, I have chosen photos that would look very nice to promote Philippine Tourism. When I got there, there were points on how beautiful some water sceneries are especially during the morning when the sky is clear and fluffy clouds are very present. I played around with reflections to get that calm feeling that is present in the water.

Some tips when you are going on a travel photography:

1. RESEARCH. Get more info, not just go there on your own without knowing your location and when is the perfect time to shoot. My dad and I argued on where the real location of the migratory birds were, that’s why I had to ask the president of the Birds Watch Philippines for all the details. Knowing where to look makes it easier for you to know the settings of the shoot and what the perfect time it is to get there.

2. PREPARE, PREPARE! Before going to your location, it is best to prepare all the necessary lenses and all the necessary tripods needed. I had to bring three lenses and two tripods for this shoot. My kit lens, my 300mm and my 500mm lenses were pretty much handy for these shoots but if you have an 800 – 1000 mm lens you are so good to go.

3. HAVE SOMEONE WITH YOU. This is kinda for your protection and safety. Just have either your dad, or your big brother to go with you when doing travel photography. Just a male dominant specie to be there as your lookout. And they are also great in handling all the extra things you need, like an instant yaya or nanny when you have so many things to bring (especially if you are a girl)

4. WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHES. And when I say, comfortable, I don’t mean shorts and slippers. Wear jeans and rubber shoes. You might not know where you have to step on to get the right shot.

5. GET THERE EARLY. I had to wake up at 4am to prepare for my 6am shoot. The best time to get landscape or seascape photography is during early morning and late afternoon. You don’t want to have harsh shadows in your subject, you want it to be soft, so that it would look appealing.

6. HAVE THE RIGHT EYE. What I mean is, use your imagination. My professor told us that when he takes his photo he doesn’t look at the screen after every shot. So, play around. Look first before taking photos. You are wasting your battery and memory if you just keep on taking photographs. I had the opportunity to use my filters for my camera in this shoot.

I know I am not in the position to tell those rules yet, cause I’m not a professional photographer. But I think these rules that I have stated are the SOPs when it comes to taking travel photography. Those are of my personal experience and I just want to share them to all you guys so that you won’t have to experience the same dilemma that I had to encounter.

Here are some more photos from the shoot that have been processed:

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