From God Save The Queen to La Vie En Rose

My grandparents have always regarded me as unconventional, unpredictable and quite peculiar. Ever since I was young I would opt for bizarre gifts for Christmas and my birthday. Since my birthday is on the last day of the last month of the year, you may conclude that every year, I am getting only a piece of gift for both my birthday and Christmas. NO. Mind you, I always demand, if that is a more operative term, to have at least two gifts. But I don’t ask for lavish presents, I ask for the most unconventional ones. When I was eight, I asked for a candy vendo-machine that my mom got me from Toy Kingdom. When I was nine, I asked for a cash register for the reason of just liking how cash registers make that cha-ching sound when you place money.

It wasn’t that surprising to my grandparents when they asked me the most popular question, “What do you want for your eighteenth birthday?” Most of my friends would opt for a debut, or parties as they would call it and have those eighteen roses, wishes and gifts. I was about eleven, when my grandparents asked me what I wanted, and although it will take seven more years for my eighteenth birthday to come, I have my mind set in one thing. That was to go to London. Not Europe, or Paris, I wanted to go to London. Maybe it was because of my history subject or Sherlock Holmes or Orlando Bloom that got me interested in London, whatever that reason was my mind was all set. My relatives were taken aback, and whenever my grandparents’ friends would cheerfully ask, “What does Celine want for her 18th birthday?” My grandma would be the one to answer, “Oh! We talked about this when she was eleven. She wants to go to Europe” and I would add, “London!” They were surprised to hear my answer and they would reply, “What a smart girl.” A smart girl indeed.

Now may I insert in here that my eighteenth birthday was on December 31, 2010. I visited London on April 2011 and fortunate enough I was able to catch Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Wedding! What a way to celebrate my 18th birthday indeed!

I’ve posted these photos in my previous blogs before but since I already took them down due to technical reasons that I cannot quite figure out, I had to change my server. Now I’ve been very fortunate that my grandparents were able to give me London and Paris as a birthday present! Although this trip has some perks, I feel extremely sad that my own parents could not go with me and my brother to at least witness the grandeur of this country. Maybe next time I guess? The whole trip was a 3-week vacation comprising of me, my brother, my grandparents and my uncle.

I have always preferred London over other European countries because of the grandeur and beauty of the country. More importantly the British-accents! I think they’re accent is extremely sexy, even if its hard to understand sometimes, you have to admit if you have one, you’d never stop talking. Another reason for loving England is monarchy! I grew up loving Princess Diana and I was terribly devastated when reports came that she died of a car accident. I remember I was still about 5 years old and my mom was watching the news about the incident, and I kept asking her who was that important person. She said, “That was Princess Diana, she died of a car accident.” If you can all see my astonishment when I found out that princesses really do exist! I remember that I never stopped asking about her after knowing that. I always believed that princesses only exist on fairy tales, and me becoming one is like a shot in the moon.

Another reason to love London is the people. They have the most accommodating staff and citizens in the world. I remember there was a time when I had to go to the bathroom and I was extremely lost in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Since I do not want to get lost any further, I asked this pretty British lady on where the bathroom was. I asked her, “Excuse me, can you please tell me where the bathroom is? I mean the comfort room. I mean the loo.” That was me fidgeting on my English vocabulary because I know that some jargon from the American dictionary is different from the British. I want to make myself look very educated in vocabulary. English is one of my best subjects after all. If you ever wonder, yes I did find my way and the lady was even kind enough to lead me the way. To the staff of the Victoria and Albert Museum, keep doing your own thing! I’d come back to look at the other artworks soon.

Now on to the Paris. Paris is quite different from London. And to be quite honest, I find their architecture most beautiful. The facade of old Paris is so intricate and elegantly done, I felt like I was Audrey Hepburn when I visited. Everything looks so majestic. Sadly I wasn’t there with anyone in particular, and when I say ‘in particular’, I mean a boyfriend or fiance. It is the City of Love after all. And it does keep up with its reputation. You can see people kissing in one corner to the other. I keep hearing “La Vie en Rose”  in my head when I visited Paris.

Paris would not be complete without visiting this famous face. Surprisingly I think that this one is small. I always imagined Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings would be big but this one is about the size of 20″ x 15″ and enclosed in a glass case. You can only take a picture from a safe distance, about 3 meters away from the painting. Louvre would not be complete without seeing this sculpture:

You may have seen this sculpture before from your history class probably. I for one remember Audrey Hepburn’s movie Funny Face. She has this scene with Fred Astaire where they were doing a photo shoot with this sculpture. I wanted to recreate that scene but sadly there were too many people to do the same shot and my brother was so shy in taking a picture of me with my hands raised up while walking. Oh well, maybe there’s a next time.

Versailles is by far the most beautiful palace you could live in. Its the perfect place to be inspired, to die, to do paintings, to write a novel, to blog, to take a bath, to eat, to everything, even to ‘do it’ ;) . I swear its the perfect place to do anything, words could not even describe how beautiful it is.

Here are some more photos from my trip:


P.S. I somehow see my friend Allan in the back :P Just kidding. Random tourist looks like Allan but then again I hardly see him sport any long sleeved shirts. Hi Allan!

See what I mean by jargon? I know that trash bin should say “trash” instead of “litter”


Ahh~ I wanna go back to London and Paris soon. Maybe even go traveling all over the world! Don’t you think that everything looks breathtaking? Paris is so beautiful and London is so majestic. I could not have asked for a better eighteenth birthday present. I have no other doubts for taking that offer of going to Europe than having a debut. I know I can always hang out with my friends but this opportunity comes only once in a while. Dont you agree? So if ever you have not gone here in London or Paris, I suggest adding this trip to your bucket list. It’s worth every penny!

I wish I could post all of my photos here, but sadly my memory can only take so much. Anyways, me posting on my wordpress can only mean one thing! I’m back ya’ll! Finals is done and soon I’d be going back to school for my second semester. But I’d do my best to post this semestral break :)

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