The Least Interesting Thing

It’s been long (too long, actually) since I’ve last posted and I don’t have any proper excuses for my absence. I’ve already condemned myself for not posting as much as I can even if I keep on repeating to myself to post on my blog even just once in a while every month. But even so, I keep on delaying and delaying these posts because not really much has happened in my life so far. Everything that I’ve been up to for the last couple of months is still what is going on in my life. I cannot delay thesis, which is my utmost and sole priority as of the moment.

But even so, like what I’ve told you “not much” has happened in my life. If I can describe my life in three words, it would be “boring lil girl” seriously. I’ve attended the recent UPJMA AdHoc last September 1st and if I can sum it all up I would say that, “its boring” and “I didn’t like it.” Maybe its because I’m not really much of a “club” person. I don’t know how these people enjoy it and why they keep on going to clubs. I’ve made a list of why I don’t go to clubs and why I hate it. Period.

  1. You can’t get a decent parking – Organizers know that there will be people coming in, and by people I mean a lot of people so getting that much parking space needed to be considered.
  2. You can’t hear people – The music is too loud, and you always end up shouting. So how are you going to enjoy it?
  3. People smoke a lot – I don’t hate people who smoke, its just that if people smoke in an enclosed place, it gets eery. I’ll probably get cancer after 30 years because of all that smoke. And who knows, maybe some of those people even smoked weed.
  4. Its so crowded, sweat is dripping and rubbing off you – One word, yuck.
  5. You’ll always end up looking for people – Again, I can mingle with other people, but sometimes if you talk with other people who are drunk, it gets weird
  6. People get drunk – and who ends taking care of them? People who aren’t drunk (like me!)
  7. You’ll always bump into someone you don’t want to see – Those are the people you wish that would disappear, but they wont.
  8. Tickets – Sure you need crowd control, thats why tickets are limited. But, when our ticket has already been torn and I ask you to give me a stamp so I can go outside, please give me a freaking stamp. I don’t want to line up outside again.
  9. Perverts – Drunk and ugly perverts. UGH.

Those are the 9 reasons why I hate going to clubs, maybe there are more but I think I’ve disregarded them since this post is way overdue.

Maybe I’m getting old or maybe I’m just too old fashioned. There’s nothing wrong with dancing with other people. I for one am a dancer in our old high school, but if its mixed with alcohol and smoke, it ain’t fun for me anymore. I feel like instead of having a good time, its becoming more like a “hard time” since you have to worry about all these things. That’s why I never get it why some of my friends enjoy going to clubs and I don’t. I still think that enjoying some good ol movie with your close friends and eating pizza or popcorn is a much more fun and productive way of spending quality time.

You maybe thinking, you don’t need to worry! Clubs are there for you to “have fun.” Well maybe your definition of fun is different from mine, just like how your perspectives are different from mine. My way of having fun is actually spending time, and by time I mean “quality time.” Just like how in a relationship you need quality time more than just spending time. Sometimes I feel like I have no right to say that since I’m not in a relationship, but that’s what I’ve learned. So now the question is, “Will I go to clubs in the future?” Maybe. I’m not closing my doors to clubs. But I don’t think I’ll do it often, maybe once in a blue moon. But I think, I’m still not going to enjoy it.

In summary: I’m not really a partier, in general. I’ve definitely learned that that’s probably the least interesting thing you can do with your time.

*No offense to all those party goers out there, I commend you all for your ability to stand those things.

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5 thoughts on “The Least Interesting Thing”

  1. “People get drunk – and who ends taking care of them? People who aren’t drunk (like me!) ” – lol that was me in high school hahahaha
    ..Totally agree with you tho. I’d rather spend my day in a coffee shop with friends than go clubbing. hahaha

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