Time Travelling


Do you ever had those days where you wish you could just time travel? I don’t know if there’s a scientific discovery of it being possible, but if it was, could I just travel to the time when I was young? It seems as if things were not so complicated at all, when all my problems were just math and adding numbers. Things in the adult world seems so far-fetched and hard to understand, like everything you are doing now counts to many possibilities. Back then, things were simple, nice, and being a child feels like there literally the term “no pressure”. Anyway, the photo above was me and my brother like 10-12 years ago. The photo below was just taken a year ago. Feels like nothing has changed. I always tell myself that probably the reason why I don’t have a relationship is because I feel so loved by the people around me. My family, my friends and all the people I meet seems to take good care of me that I don’t feel the pressure of looking for someone just now. Or maybe I just haven’t found that person yet. If ever people ask me now why I don’t have a relationship, all I will say is, “It’s already been taken care of,” or “I’m good” :)


Til next post!

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