That Person

I always thought of you so well.

All the things you are capable of doing,

And all that things you wisely say,

I can always tell you that I’ve looked up to you.

But one night of misunderstanding

Led all the hatred and the rage to come out of you.

The person I thought I knew was not the same anymore,

And all I did was just cry and disappear because of shame.

I tried to explain all the things I thought I understood.

But you said, “Stay quiet, I am not your fool”

I don’t know what to do anymore if only I could,

Leave you for you not to see how difficult it is for me to stay there. 

Right now all I wish is for the pain to go away

The painful actions that has been done to me have left a scar.

In my head and in my heart can only be mended

By that person who placed that little prick inside my heart in the first place.



I know its not really a good poem, but I think this is a good way to release some anger and pain due to last nights incident. Thank you for reading my friend. Til next time :) 

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