Being There.

I don’t normally write sentimental stuff in my blog, because I don’t think that people enjoy the habit of reading it. I usually don’t write sentimental blog posts because I don’t want people to look down on other people or for the sake of  “I feel sad for her” either. I really don’t want to be looked down upon by people, maybe sometimes I am “proud”. Anyways, I’m getting off topic.

I am writing about this because I really want to share how I feel about these three persons. I feel like lately I’m beginning to feel a little sympathy and I feel they deserve prayers and lots of it. I’ve told these stories to my mom and dad, and they feel the same way as I do.

These people are not my relatives but they are close to my heart (at least), these are my friends and I care for them in a manner that I could try to help them in my own way. And hopefully, even though they did not ask for my help, could make a little difference.

I have three friends, three scenarios. I hope you don’t get lost. Here it goes. (For the sake of their privacy, I will not give their names)

Friend #1: The Case of (An Unsuccessful) Marriage

I think the title says it all. But the gist of the story is, Daddy does not want the marriage anymore, but Mommy still needs to hold on for the sake of the kids type of case. I know I should not be concerned with their family problem, but I think that everyone is entitled to their opinion in some ways. Well, in my case I feel like it’s not an opinion but an insight.

I’m the type of girl who always believes in the idea, that when a guy asks a girl to marry her, and even promised to God (himself) that they would live in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, ’til death do us part. I always feel heartbroken whenever celebrity married couples split up because I can never imagine people who were so in love with each other before, could grow tired of each other. Maybe I feel this way because I never saw my grandpa and grandma, as well as my dad and my mom ever feel tired of having each other as company. So seeing these married-before-but-divorced-now (or getting there!) feels quite a bit sad in my case. And hearing (secretly) that one of my friends are having those kind of drama makes me even feel more sad.

I prayed for her because I feel like she hates the daddy for splitting up with the mom, and she can’t wait to get away from their house when she graduates. I mean how can you hate your dad? I can never really imagine myself hating my dad. Sure he gets on my nerves, and sometimes he can be really, really annoying at times but the truth is, I love my dad. So much, that I am thankful for having him. Kahit minsan tinitipid niya ko sa mga gamit, or hindi niya ko tinutrust when it comes to doing something. I feel like I owe him a lot. Plus, even if the divorce goes on, he’s still her daddy right? I really hope and pray that she at least “try,” if that is the most appropriate operative word to use, to mend the relationship of their parents. I’ve heard stories of hopeful marriages and I really hope that its not too late. It never is too late to bring them back together.

Maybe, I will never understand how hating my dad feels like or the fact of divorce. I don’t know, but I want to understand why. In due time I guess.

Friend #2: The Case of the Mother

Let me share my story first. My mom had an operation before when I was in grade school. She had hysterectomy, meaning the doctor has to cut her uterus because they found a bukol or a lump inside her ovaries, which were benign lumps by the way. But when I was at school and she was having her operation, I couldn’t concentrate, all I could think about is, if “she’s okay?”, “is the doctor going to take good care of her?”, “what if something goes wrong?”, all these crazy questions that I could think of when I was that young. All I really wanted was to skip class and go to the hospital, but my mom told me not to skip school and assured me that she’s going to be alright. She ended up fine after the operation, and I even slept beside her on the hospital bed. I was in grade school so I was about 4 feet and 5 inches weighing 75-80 pounds, so technically I fit beside her in that small bed. (Random facts)

So my friend, a.k.a. friend #2, has a mom who had cancer. She had chemo and surgery to cure her cancer and everything went fine, better than expected. Recently her mom went to get an MRI, and the doctor found new cells, and these cells were malignant. Her mom doesn’t want to get chemotherapy or have surgery anymore but is finding other ways to cure cancer. I felt sad for my friend because, before her mom went for chemotherapy she did not want to get operation or get cured, it was only my friend who pushed her to get chemo. And now its deja vu all over again. I wanted to suggest getting her mom to Fr. Suarez, the healing priest, so that he can at least help her mom get cured through divine intervention. But then again, we could never be too sure what God’s plan is. I hope and pray they find other ways in treating cancer, or at least help convince her mom to get treatment again.

One thing I know for sure, my friend loves my mom and I know her mom loves her too. Whatever happens, I’ll keep track of her mom’s status and keep on praying for her mom.

Friend #3: Jennifer Ocampo Pangilinan Case

I know I did not disclose her name. But I do hope you pray for her soul right now as you read this. I have to admit, were not really that close but I know her from afar (not the stalker type I suppose). But I knew her because we attended the same school during grade school and high school, she’s a batch higher than mine. Jennifer Ocampo Pangilinan died last June 15, 2012 because of osteosarcoma, or the cancer of the bones. Her dad died of cancer a year before she was diagnosed with the same ailment. People always knew she was a fighter. I looked at her from afar when I noticed that on her Facebook Profile Picture she was wearing a short wig. She always had beautiful long straight hair, that’s how I remembered her. She was always quiet, but when I noticed her wig, I knew that something was wrong. So I dug deeper, trying to find out if that wig is because of chemo or for the sake of looking good, and then I noticed her leg. Her right leg has already been gone. She had crutches and she had a prosthetic right leg that she always wears. Whenever you see her comments, she always asks people to pray for her and that she feels sad for missing school. We knew she was a fighter, and when the time that she was looking great and feeling great, her ailment passed by again. And this time she was having a hard time breathing and needs to have a ventilator for her to breathe, she can’t even eat on her own anymore. This time it was serious, and on the 15th of June word had gone out that she had passed away.  A lot of people looked up to her as a symbol of courage, I looked up at her with great pride that I got to at least know her (even just from afar). I hope you pray for her soul as you read this, even if you don’t know her, I bet she wished she got to know you too.

Maybe she was the reason I wrote this post, she inspired me to choose this topic, when someone pushed me to write at least something. And maybe, just maybe, she’s reading this now.

There are people out there waiting to be prayed for, we just don’t realize it until someone tells us to. Maybe they are just like me, they don’t want to be looked down upon, and they don’t want people to feel sad for them. They may tell you that they don’t need our sympathy, but what they do need is a friend. Someone who will be by their side and at least be there. I will try to be that person in the best way possible, and hopefully I will also find people who will be there for me as well not just when I need them to. Isn’t that what life is all about, “being there”? Maybe its our purpose in life. It’s something to think about for now.

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