Schools Just Right Around the Corner

I don’t even know If I am ready yet. Maybe, just maybe things wouldn’t go wrong. Just even the first syllable of the word “school” is already giving me shivers down my spine. 


“I think I am ready?” keeps going through my mind, and even though I tell all of you guys that I am pretty stoked about going to school and finish my college degree, I can’t help but feel scared. I feel scared for the fact that this would be my last year as a student, meaning no more baon (do you really think I’m that naive?) The real reason why I am scared of this school year is because this is the school year where everything boils down. 

A. Thesis.

B. Thesis.

C. Thesis

D. Thesis.

Thesis feels so scary, people and your teachers will gun and shoot your ideas down just so that they can test you and it feels scary. I don’t have the most utmost confidence in the world especially when talking to people more than my age. It always feels so intimidating talking to them and pushing your ideas for them to agree. I always find myself very convincing when talking to people my age but when it comes to people older than me there’s always that “respect” barrier that I do not want to cross over. 

For whatever that may come since tomorrow is my official debut as a “SENIOR” student, I humbly offer everything to God and to my parents. 

So kudos to my fellow senior students wherever you may be! :D I salute all of you. And here’s to a good year ahead. ;) 

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