A Letter to Leo Burnett

Dear Leo Burnett Manila,

For the whole month and a half we’ve been together, I thank you for a lot of things. I know we started on a very rough start. I don’t know these people, I don’t know what they expect of me, I don’t know how to please them all.

I remember the first j.o. that was given to me. Although all the thirty studies I did was gunned and shut down, I know I tried. It was a rough start indeed. I don’t know what image I would have in front of my supervisor and to the team that I was assigned to. I felt a little ashamed for not trying my best. But I did however promised myself to get back up again, and maybe this time I could do better.

I remember the time seeing the people in the industry work. How they do their work and how they mingle with their co-workers. It was a big family, a warm, inviting and wonderful family. People tried opening up to us and talking to us. They made us feel more at home rather than making us feel like we are just the people who are wallflowers admiring the cobonpue seats and hoarding all the aircon and wifi. I truly felt at home by the second week.

I remember the time when I spent time with my new friends. People from other schools (ehem Krisha), people from my school (Jeb and Jam plus other UST alumnis) and people from different places. It was fun, although sometimes we get reprimanded for the noise we bring in the office while they are working. I’m sorry for that! I just really felt very at home with these new set of people I have never encountered before.

I remember the time when my copy and headlines were chosen, and the time when our ideas get approved. It was a very rewarding experience that I got to do that. Although I could have offered more, maybe in time and experience I will be better. When I get back, maybe I could do bring home a 7+ ad.

I remember the time when the foreign people from other Leo Burnett Branches came to the office. Its good to see new faces, and to hear what they have to say. I learned how to better assess ads and how they work. A true working campaign takes time and effort, now I know what I can work on.

And I remember the time when I was so jealous of my intern friends got to meet our ECD, of whom I idolize. But then, they gave me the opportunity to get to sit down and talk to him about a new campaign. I was so excited! Sorry, I was a fan girl. I do hope he liked our little token of appreciation for the way he has welcomed us into his office. But, I was a little sad because we weren’t able to take a photo with him because we were so tongue-tied.

I appreciate all the people I’ve met, and the experiences I’ve shared with my friends. I appreciate waking up in the morning and feeling excited on what’s to come for the day and feeling sad that the day is about to end.

Leo Burnett Manila is already a home in my heart. I hope that someday, I would be worthy of going back to that office and would offer a lot of great ads and great campaigns. I have so much to learn, I know that, but I hope in due time I would be an asset to the Leo Burnett family.

For the meantime, I hope I have made you proud of me (in someway) and I hope I have contributed even just a portion to your ads. By the time I have made great campaigns, I really hope you would be more proud of me and my friends who have worked there. I promise I will do my best to study and learn more on what it takes to be a great advertiser. I have so much more to learn and to experience. As you have said, “There is a paradise of improvement awaiting us, if we search hard enough for it” I will look for it and I will do my best to improve on my craft.

In behalf of me and my friends I thank you. I thank you Leo Burnett for making a great advertising company. I thank you Leo Burnett Manila, for accepting me into a warm and friendly family. I thank you, for all the wonderful things I’ve learned. And most of all, I thank you for the people I have met, and have yet to meet, once I get back.


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