Celine-A Gomez

A random kuya at Starbucks had a wonderful idea of writing our names into celebrities. Well not necessarily. Krisha, decided to make her name into Megan Fox. Sila kuya naman tinuloy so when it was Jeb’s turn to give her name, the kuya barista decided to tell her, “Angelina Jolie na lang” (Lets make it Angelina Jolie instead). Of course it was all fun and then this other kuya barista asked for my name, and I decided to give him my nickname, “Celine” which was all good until Jeb told him, “Hindi kuya, gawin mong Selena Gomez yan!” (No, make it Selena Gomez!). While we were waiting for our drinks, we all expected the Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie cups to be given. When it was my turn, I was looking intently to the kuya barista hoping that he did not write “Selena Gomez”. Lo and behold, the name that was written was, “Celine-a Gomez =)” yes, the smiley face was added.

It was all good, pagbigyan na sila kuya, at least masaya kaming lumabas sa starbucks with our drinks. Maghanda lang sila pag bumalik kami sa starbucks. Baka mabigay kong pangalan Robert Downey Jr. :) Mehehehehe. Game sila for anything diba? :)

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