Blog-venture 2.0?

Maybe its just me or maybe, its in some of us. But maybe its me again. How many of you have told yourself, I will try to “blog” or somehow even told themselves that they will do their best to write in their diary everyday when they were little. Well I did. And I know some of you also did. And to some of us, I would like to congratulate for being able to accomplish that task of making your life’s history even before you were famous. We on the other hand, the people who failed to write or even tried to write everyday in their diary, are here doing it again. And the best possible way to get yourself noticed is here in the world wide web.

I follow blogs, I read blogs and I admire those people who constantly try their best to at least update their blogs as to let their people know that they are still alive and relevant. So why did I try to do this? Well maybe its because I wanted to at least try to blog on behalf of all of us who failed at writing in our diaries and who even tried blogging at least once or twice, and tried updating our blogs at least once or twice. It’s a difficult job, I think to at least tell the world that you are relevant. I for one had a hard time doing it, but maybe a second chance wouldn’t be so difficult to hurt right?

Let me at least try to blog for the sake of well, i don’t know, maybe telling my fears? Maybe telling what has or had happened to my life recently that people would want to try to relate to. I am scared of the consequences of the actions that I am about to embark, because being in the web means giving a little bit of yourself into the public. I’ll try to say my emotions here in the most courteous of all manners probably. But then I said I will try right?

Anyways, I’m off to doze off. It will be a busy day tomorrow at school and at my internship. Let us embark on this journey we shall call, the Blog-ventures.

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